Book Review: Likeable Leadership: A Collection of 65+ Inspirational Stories on Marketing, Your Career, Social Media & More

I've been a fan of Dave Kerpen since his very first book Likeable Social Media: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook came out. I actually met Dave through social media, so reviewing his first book seemed like a perfect fit. Some of you may remember I also interviewed Dave about his book, becoming an author, his company Likeable Media and how him and his wife Carrie orchestrated an amazing wedding through the use of social media. Since then Dave has written two more books. The most recent is Likeable Leadership: A Collection of 65+ Inspirational Stories on Marketing, Your Career, Social Media & More. Dave is really, really good at showing you how to "humanize" your brand. The reason this is so important is, if your branding message is so far over your potential client/customers heads you'll never connect with them. They won't understand what your about and they won't be interested in you or what your selling.

There are two interview questions that stood out a few years ago and still stand out today that I want to share with you.

Carol Lawrence: As a social media manager/coordinator, I primarily work with authors. Do you have any advice for authors on how to promote their books and themselves through the use of social media?

Dave Kerpen: My advice is to get involved with social media and building your community way before you publish a book.

Carol Lawrence: Where do you see social media heading in the future?

Dave Kerpen: Social media will become increasingly mobile and increasingly part of how we spend our lives and jobs each day.

This last answer was so accurate. Look at where we are now and what is being predicted to come. So many people are accessing the internet, social sites, etc from a mobile device of some sort. Mobile activity is only going to increase more and more. Find out how to create a custom  app for your business and make your website mobile friendly. If you really want to know key ingredients to a likeable business then you need to read Likeable Leadership. If you are an author you will especially appreciate Dave’s insight on how much writing has changed his life and trajectory. He encourages everyone to become the leader that they truly are. Don’t just take my advice, take a look at what others are saying on Amazon.

“When it comes to cutting through the clutter and making his voice heard, Dave has always been a thought leader and a truly creative promoter. His new book is an invaluable tool for any business leader who hopes to navigate today’s fast changing social media landscape. Moreover, Dave’s cogent advice and instructive (and humorous!) anecdotes are as likeable as he is!” –Christopher McCann, CEO and President of

“This book is a GEM! Likeable Leadership reminds us all about what is really important in business and in life. A fun and easy read it will help you be a better and more effective leader.” -Chester Elton, Bestselling Author of The Carrot Principle, 24-Carrot Manager, and The Orange Revolution

“Dave’s career is a testament to all those who should continue to follow their passions and eventually you will get it right. I have known Dave for a very long time, from his humble beginnings as a stadium vendor to his current status as social media rock star. What I admire most about Dave is that he truly embodies that anything is possible if you stay true to who you are and keep chasing your dreams.” -Christian McMahan, Managing Partner at Smartfish Group and former CMO Heineken, USA

“The wisdom & advice Dave has amassed from his connections in business and life is priceless. Pay close attention to the nuggets of indispensable inspiration that oozes out of Likeable Leadership! This book is loaded with excellent information from not only Dave but from experts who rock it in the business world. Dave not only shines as a leader in business but he does a damn good job as a parent and husband too. You can clearly see where his priorities in life lie!” ~ Carol Lawrence

Carol Lawrence is a social media manager/consultant for authors, small business owners and corporations. She is the owner of Social Media Help 4 U and has trained with Kate Buck Jr., Sandi Krawkoski, & Kelley Fidel.