Are You Too Focused on Money? By Chris Atley


I heard something interesting the other day, I think it was from Tony Robbins. He said money just magnifies who you are already. If you’re mean spirited, you will do more mean things. If you’re kind, you will do more kind and loving things. I really resonated with this and I believe this too.

On one hand it’s important to dream big and build a business that helps fund your dreams. You can expand your reach and help more people. You can give more people jobs too. You can give back to causes, and you can create more time for yourself by hiring people to support your business and personal life. Again, creating more jobs.

On the other hand I think we can also be too focused on the financial piece. When we are so focused on “getting” and “achieving”, we lose focus on serving and giving. We can lose sight of why we got into business to begin with. I would argue that in this place we’ve become too “attached” to the goal.

So how do we stay in that happy medium then? Where we set goals for ourselves, reach our big lifestyle dreams, and are completely focused on service and making a difference at the same time.

Well, one thing that I have learned is that when you are laser focused on how you can help people, you almost don’t care about the money. You become so entrenched in what you’re doing and the purpose behind it, that when the money comes you almost don’t care. You are living a meaningful life where you are truly making a difference for other people. What ends up happening is the money flows and it’s cool, but it’s almost like a fleeting thought. You remain unattached. Which is what brings you more to begin with. It’s that unattachment and focusing on service that creates massive abundance. It’s about being abundant in ALL areas – through service, relationships and finance. You are “in the flow” when you’re in this place because you’re not worrying so much about trying to get.

The issue is it can be hard to stay there. Your ego will talk you into wanting more and more, thus taking your focus off of what is really important. It can be all consuming.

So ask yourself, how can you be more of service in your business and life in general? And by being of service, it’s about truly helping people. Not giving to get. If that’s happening, then you’re back in your ego again. Of course charge for your services and what you’re worth, or that isn’t good either. That place also puts you back in your ego if you think you aren’t good enough. Lack based thinking again, just showing-up under a different hat.

So go for it! Reach out to someone today and see how you can make a difference in their life. Karma is on your side


Chris Atley is an award winning coach, and is known for her unique ability to show small business owners how to earn more by doing less, and enjoy the success they’ve created. As a result her clients flourish personally, excel professionally, and gain new vitality and spirit, while living a life they love.

Chris has been called upon to share her unique transformation skills with television, radio, and print audiences across the country including Bloomberg Radio. Her skill, wisdom, and charisma draw rave reviews at lectures, conferences, workshops, and universities in the United States and Canada. Connect with Chris at: