5 Signs You Are Experiencing Burnout And What To Do About It.


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5 Signs You Are Experiencing Burnout And What To Do About It.

Sometimes life can get so crazy busy we forget to slow down. When we keep going we eventually burn out.

Here are five tell-tell signs i’ve reached my limit. Maybe you recognize the same symptoms within yourself.

I’m a giver. What can I say I come by it naturally. I tend to do everything else then take care of myself. Since I turned 40, I’m 45 now … I’ve felt my inner self calling to me more and more to put myself first.

I’ve learned it’s ok to say no. I’ve become real selective with how I spend my time and who I spend it with.

Time is precious and very valuable.

#1. I can’t sleep.
When I’m overly exhausted I start to feel like I can’t get enough sleep. My mind won’t shut up at night and distracting thoughts rumble through my head keeping me awake. This is a sure sign there is something deeper bothering me.

#2. I become resentful.
I start to feel like i’m doing everything for everyone else and not enough for myself.

#3. Small details become large problems.
Instead of being able to easily move through a simple obstacle it becomes a bigger situation than it needed to be.

#4. I long for solitude and time to myself.
I really begin to feel the pull of mother nature calling to me to come chillax.

#5. Sickness manifests.
My body starts telling me to chill out by manifesting physical symptoms, inflammation, headaches, backaches or an upset stomach.

Whether it’s working too much, taking care of the kids, our mates or an elderly parent. Sometimes it all feels like too much.

You have to stop and regroup and take necessary steps to rejuvenating your body, mind and spirit.

Here is what works for me. What works for you might be different. I’d love for you to share what you do to get yourself back to your own peaceful balanced state.

hot bath

  • Hot sea salt baths. This is not only a great way to relax but it removes toxic debri from your energy field. Our energy body is just as important as our physical body. If you would like to learn more about your energy body check out Cyndi Dales book The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of your energetic anatomy.
  • Take a walk in nature. I would never live anywhere that I wasn’t close to nature. I’m pretty lucky living in Montana. I have nature out my backdoor. One of my favorite summer activities is camping and soaking up the healing energy of mother earth.
  • Laughter – whether it’s watching a funny video, reading a funny story, listening to my husband tell me funny jokes or family fun game night with my family and friends. Laughter is healing. I laugh at myself all the time. You’ve got to have humor in life to lighten the load.
  • Being with my pets. I can’t imagine life without being surrounded by my animal friends. I provide a great life for my pets but I could never thank them enough for their unconditional love that they so happily give.

These are just a few of the ways I find my center. What do you do to find yours? Please share!










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