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  • Nine tips for keeping yourself organized and stress free this holiday season.

    Posted on December 23rd, 2013 Carol Lawrence No comments

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    Keep your stress low and enjoy this holiday season. The holidays are supposed to be fun, but sometimes with all the things we have to do to make them a success they can become a bit overwhelming.

    Nine tips for keeping yourself organized and stress free.

    1. Write a to-do list.

    Do you still need to shop, wrap, bake or get the house ready or suitcases packed? Make a list. Prioritize what need’s to get done. Add everything to it including, what you need to do for your pets, pack for the kids, take care of for your business, etc.

    If you are traveling make a check off list for each suitcase so you can check off items as you pack each bag. Don’t forget to bring your phone, camera, chargers, important contacts numbers, medicines, etc. If you are driving, check the weather report, pack an emergency kit and plan accordingly for possible bad weather.

    Cross off each task as it’s completed.

    2. Delegate. Multiple members in your household? What can they do to help? Enlist your partner in the cleanup, wrapping, shopping, or whatever it is you need to do. Don’t do it all yourself if you don’t have to.

    3. Chances are your best friend or neighbor has a to-do list just like you. Swap some child care. Watch the neighbors children for two hours while they get serious work done and have them do the same.

    4. Relax, when stress starts to build remind yourself you have plenty of time. You are organized, you can do this. Put on some relaxing music, make a cup of tea, take some deep relaxing breaths then go back to your list. As you accomplish each task cross it off your list. You’ll feel better.

    5. Be realistic. If your heading out of town, take care of what you can at the house before you leave, but leave the unimportant details to tend to when you return.

    6. Be grateful. Things could be crazier and much worse. Be grateful for good health, a happy family, look around you and acknowledge the wonders in your life, the experiences of the year and really absorb how awesome life really is. If it’s been a particular trying year, that’s part of life and that’s what it takes sometimes to make us stronger, better human beings. There’s always next year!

    7. Take time to enjoy the beauty of the season. Gather up family and friends and take a tour of the Christmas lights in your neighborhood or city. Watch some holiday movies, pop some popcorn, break out the board games. Put away the electronic devices for a day and reconnect. Create lasting memories.

    8. Do something different. For years my brothers family and mine would exchange gifts. A few years ago we decided we wanted to do something different. Children very rarely remember the gifts they received. They remember the fun they had and who they connected with. We chose to do a dinner and movie together as a giant family unit every Christmas season in lieu of gifts. We love it. We still gather on Christmas eve and exchange gifts with grandma but changing up the routine has been fun and everyone’s in agreement, they love it.

    9.  Give yourself the gift of Joy. You deserve it. You’ve been working hard all year. I know everything may not have turned out exactly like you expected. It sure didn’t for me. But that’s ok. I’m proud of what I have accomplished and look forward to what’s next. I know co-creating with the universe opens the door to many opportunities.

    Happy Holidays. I’d love to hear all about your plans. Stay safe and have fun!

    Namaste, Carol

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