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5 Ways To Use Ai Art In Your Book Marketing


With Ai graphic creators like Midjourney, Dreamai, Nightcafe, Dalle-2 and many more popping up on the scene, it was inevitable I’d eventually give one a try.

I should start out by clarifying I have a love-dislike relationship with Ai. I have concerns the movie The Terminator could become a reality. I know it’s just a movie but there should be a lot of discussions and input on how humanity should use ai, especially considering the things that could go very wrong when artificial intelligence is given too much influence. (We don’t want to leave these decisions up to big corporations. As we’ve seen from big tech, big government, and big pharma, when given too much power they’ll use it in nefarious ways. Use your voice and share your opinions.)

I shared my first and so far only experience using Ai for writing in a previous blog post. I’m sure I’ll explore it more but currently, my clients love writing or recording their content and having me help fine-tune and repurpose it. I was recently sent Elon Musk’s reading list by a dear friend and client. It’s interesting to see the books related to Ai and being human on his list. It shows that even someone at the forefront of technological advances and change shares a deep concern.

As a writer and creative I’ve been enjoying creating artwork using Midjourney and a few from Creative Fabrica’s Spark.

Valentines for authors

Ai art is generated by using keywords, and phrases, using ai art generators. Images are put together one little pixel at a time. It takes time to get it exactly as you want it. It’s not necessarily completely smooth or perfect but it’s beautiful in its own way. I’m enjoying the creative process and am thoroughly excited to share my creations with you.

There are so many ways you can use Ai artwork but to keep this article on track and simple I’m going to focus on five ways to use ai in your book marketing:

  1. Bring your book covers to life! With resources like Canva, you can create your own book covers and make them unique to you by purchasing and using limited Ai graphics. If you are not finding a good match for what your book is about ask an ai artist to create a unique set of graphics just for you. Please keep in mind Ai art cannot be copyrighted.
  2. Use the graphics in your newsletters and as headers in your articles. LinkedIn, Medium, and Facebook all have a space to add a header image. Fun colorful headers help your newsletter stand out. You can edit, create and resize these as well in Canva. 
  3. Spice up your writing and video marketing by adding some pizzazz to your social media posts and reels. Be sure to watermark and add your URL to your pictures. Create pins and tweets that link to your books, articles, and interviews. 
  4. Create a graphic novel or tell a detailed story with graphics.
  5. Mint your book as an NFT book to explore NFT book publishing. I personally have not done this yet but it’s on my 2023 goal list. Here’s an article that explains the process in more detail. 

Where can you find fun new ai generated graphics to use in your book marketing?

I’ve begun listing a selection for sale in my Soul To Soul With Carol Etsy store. Adobe Stock recently approved selling Ai graphics so that will be another place as well. Artists are finding all kinds of places, including their own Shopify stores and websites to sell. Simply do a quick Google search for Ai graphics for sale and you’ll discover a whole new world.


If you have the time and are interested in giving AI art a go, here are the places to try.

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