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Are you an author, coach, or busy CEO who is overwhelmed or the lone wolf trying to do it all yourself? Are you great at live streaming to your audience but after that, there’s a breakdown in your content creation process? I’m here to help you have a breakthrough! My goal is to show you how to work smarter not harder while keeping your messaging in your voice! Let’s work together.

I’ll show you how to take one piece of Macro Content and turn it into Multiple Micro Pieces of Content.

Macro to micro content

First Step:

✨ I’ll guide you on how to take one of your Facebook lives or zoom recordings and begin converting it into multiple pieces.

maximize time
Step Two:

✨ Send off recording for transcription ( or provide me original notes for live)

content strategy
Step Three:

✨ I’ll work my magic and turn the transcription into an article/blog

Step Four:

✨ Article conversion into an email newsletter

Step Five:

✨ I’ll pull talking points and create 10 social media posts. A few long-form, the rest short with graphics for Fb, IG, and Pinterest pins. (I don’t do the scheduling or posting)

Choose to have One, Two, or Three sets created or a monthly retainer package.

Email me for monthly retainer options.