What Is A Facebook Vanity URL?


What’s a vanity URL?

A vanity Url is how you personalize your business page.
By default when you create your business page Facebook assigns your page a set of numbers.

Example www.facebook.com/IntentionalConsciousParenting997548302754-

A vanity url looks like this. www.facebook.com/IntentionalConsciousParenting.

It’s a whole lot easier to tell someone to go check out your Facebook page when you don’t have to remember all the numbers at the end and it looks more professional.

How do you get your own vanity URL?

It’s very simple:
Choose your vanity name wisely. It cannot be changed later.
Go to http://facebook.com/username
Enter in the vanity name you want: Very important, double-check your spelling, it cannot be changed.
Check for availability and submit.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions




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