Top Marketing Experts Suggest 3 Tips For Good Website Design


Web design is one of the most important things that a business can invest in. A good website has the ability to attract customers and keep their attention or to drive them away if they don’t like what they see. First impressions of a website are 94% based on web design. A poor design will give customers the impression that a business doesn’t care.

However, there are several tips that top marketers have suggested for businesses to avoid driving customers away. To get the most out of a business website, you need to take the following into account:

Keep It Responsive

Just having a website won’t cut it in the world today. That’s the bare minimum that a business can have in order to survive. If it wants to thrive, a business needs to develop a website that is more than just a placeholder. It needs to be responsive, meaning that individuals can view it on their desktop, smartphone, or tablet without issues. This is a key feature that cannot be missed.

Present Yourself Everywhere

Businesses develop websites for the purpose of furthering their reach and gaining additional clientele. That is the main reason that most businesses go through the hassle of designing and promoting a website. For that reason, they need to make sure that their contact information is visable on every page. This includes a phone number, address, business hours, and any other relevant information. Don’t make it difficult to reach out and do business.

Have a Strong Call to Action

Visitors need to be driven to action by the website. They need to have a reason to pick up the phone and move forward with a business. Why else would the site be developed? This can be done with a good call to action throughout the site, one that is appropriate and makes sense to the reader. Appeal to the customer’s needs and convey how your business meets or satisfies those needs.

The internet is a powerful marketing and business tool, but taking advantage of it can be tricky. Top marketing experts recommend keeping the above in mind when moving forward with a website for the best results.


Kelsey R. is a writer and an avid world traveler. When she’s not writing or listening to 80s music, you can find her exploring different countries, taking selfies with her dog Lady, and in constant search for the perfect brownie recipe.