How to Manage A Remote Workload With Family at Home


Staying on task is one of the biggest challenges for anyone working from home. Your living space is full of distractions – chores, streaming services, comfortable couches – that can push you right out of productive mode. However, parents have a whole extra layer of distraction to deal with when working from home with children around. Even when kids aren’t trying to get your attention (which they often are) we’re biologically wired to be aware of them at all times. This can make meeting deadlines, staying on task, and getting your job done a major challenge.


Here’s a look at how to stay on track and keep your career above water while everyone’s at home: 

Get Outside Help 

You can’t do everything on your own – and that’s okay! 

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  • Hire a cleaning service to assist with regular home upkeep.
  • Create a safe social bubble you can turn to for babysitting or other help during the day. 
  • A remote personal assistant can help keep your workload on track while you manage your household. 


Set A Schedule

Craft a routine where you can to create stability: 

  • Wake up before your kids to add some personal time to your morning routine. 
  • Set up an alternative schedule with work that fits around your family’s needs. 
  • Build time into your day for fresh air, sunlight, and exercise to reduce stress


Establish Boundaries 

Kids don’t know how to respect a workday – here’s how to teach them:

  • Consider creating a signal to let kids know when you can’t be interrupted at work
  • Model polite interruptions and respecting boundaries by knocking on their door and waiting for a response before you come in. 
  • If they’re taking virtual classes, set up an office or study space for them as well so they can relate to focusing in a dedicated workspace. 


Finally, remember to stay flexible in all of these things. If your first approach doesn’t work, try a different one. The world is in a state of rapid change right now. Going with the flow and finding ways to be effective in the present moment will make this time that much easier. 

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Guest Author: Lacie Martin believes that all moms and dads raising kids who know they are loved and cared for are successful parents. She created to inspire parents to raise their children well by prioritizing love over everything else.