Practical Tips to Boost your Brand’s Social Media Presence


If you have a brand that you want to grow, it’s important to use all possible methods to get results. One method you can use is to boost your social media presence, and the following are a few practical tips you can use to do this.

React to Comments

To make sure that your brand is growing organically on social media, you need to respond to comments and concerns posted on your pages. Engage with the people who reach out to you as you will encourage them to interact with you even more. No matter the social media platform, you can improve your presence by actively engaging in conversation with people on your pages. One of the leading social media accounts is Instagram, which, according to Hootsuite, has more than one billion users, 90% of whom follow a business account as of 2019.

Prioritize Good Customer Service

Another tip that will win you a number of active followers is providing good customer service to them. When people enjoy dealing with you, they will come back to your brand time and time again. Since people love getting great experiences from the businesses they interact with, this will be one thing that helps you get more followers who are more invested in your brand.

Use the Platforms Relevant to Your Industry

As mentioned, there are different social media platforms in existence, and they each have different key aspects as well as crowds drawn to them. This means that you need to choose the platforms you will invest time and energy on carefully. For instance, Linkedin is primarily a social network that’s used by career and business professionals. The over 500 million members who use it are scattered around the globe, and if you place a business that’s more along the lines of entertainment and fashion, for instance, on this platform, you’re likely to struggle to grow.

Stay Consistent

People love consistency, so when they know that they can reach out to you for quality content consistently, they’re more likely to stay involved with your brand. Come up with a strategy and adhere to a set program that involves, for instance, putting up content every day at a certain time. Staying consistent will also help your followers develop trust in you as they know that you’re putting work into creating content for your brand. When people know that you’re working hard towards growing your brand, they will trust you more and be more willing to do business with you for a long time to come. While this may not be easy to do, you can hire a professional or team of experts to help you with it. The cost you pay for it will translate into a more solid brand name for you as well as a firm foundation for your business.

Focus on Relationships Rather Than Follower Numbers

Finally, while it may be tempting to focus on amassing as many followers as possible, this is not all that’s needed to grow your brand online. You may have a million followers, but only a hundred of them are actively engaged, and this is not what you want. Instead, you need to focus on improving the relationship you have with your current followers, and if you attract more along the way, well and good. People also understand that not everything is based online. For instance, with 80% of job openings not posted online, it’s clear that people also have a lot going on offline. This means that you need to consider quality over quantity as far as your social media family is concerned.

With the tips above, you can get to work boosting your following on social media platforms to ensure it’s of the best quality.

Devin is a writer and an avid reader. When she isn’t lost in a book or writing, she’s busy in the kitchen trying to perfect her slow cooker recipes. You can find her poetry published in The Adirondack Review and Cartridge Lit.