Pinterest~The New Way To Create A Dreamboard


How many times have you made a dreamboard? Through-out the years I’ve made several dreamboards. 

I’ve layed out several magazines in front of me on the table or floor.  I would then carefully cut out all the really cool pictures and glue them onto a large piece of poster board.

Dreamboards are a fun way to visualize your next vacation, your dream home or assist in the manifestation of your dreams.

Even Oprah has an O Dream Board where you can envision your best life. After you add your desired pictures and words you can print your dreamboard and laminate it for your entertainment. Place it on a wall, fridge or somewhere where you will see it and read it often. (These make great gifts) Don’t just read it. FEEL IT!

Now there’s a new exciting way to create a dreamboard. By using Pinterest you can create several dreamboards. Be sure to save the link to where you found the cool pictures, ideas or recipes from.

For example you are going to be building your dream home. You have found the plans, design and even the lights you want to use. Keep them all in one handy place on your dream home dreamboard. Maybe you are planning your parent’s 50th wedding anniversary party and your coming across all kinds of great ideas. Don’t worry about bookmarking each and every site. Pin them with the handy Pinterest pin to your parent’s anniversary dreamboard. Be sure to copy and past the link of the place you are pinning the picture from into the section where you get to share about the picture. By sharing the link you are letting Pinterest know who the original owner of the picture is and it becomes an easy reference for you or one of your Pinterest followers to go back and create that recipe or purchase that item.

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Are you having fun on Pinterest?  I would love to see your boards on Pinterest. Comment with a link and i’ll check them out and possibly share them in a follow-up post!


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