Pinterest Pin Creation – I’ll create your pins so you can advertise your products, stores, services or books on Pinterest! There are now over 400 million active users who use Pinterest every month. If you’ve been holding off adding your products, services, and books to Pinterest due to lack of time, knowledge of pin creation or of the Pinterest platform I’m here for you.

As a Best Selling Author and Marketer for over a decade, I understand the importance of marketing.
Not only can you pin on Pinterest but you can also advertise using your book promotional pin, connect your website url or Amazon link and drive traffic right to your book or author profile.

I understand you may not have an active Pinterest account yourself, but I do. For an upgraded fee I will pin your promotional Pinterest pins on one of my Pinterest boards. I’m also a collaborator on multiple boards so I’ll be able to choose the best board for your product.

Hot Pinterest Topics In 2022 Are:
Wellbeing – Metaphysics
Beauty and Fashion
Celebration and Food

Order your pin package right away to jump-start your Pinterest marketing.

Carol Lawrence

Hello, my name is Carol. I’m a best-selling author and conscious living/conscious parenting author. I’ve assisted my clients behind the scenes of their businesses for over a decade with operations, content creation, copywriting, marketing, social media design, scheduling, behind-the-scenes tech, customer service and consulting.

If you are an author, coach, or small business owner, you know you need to create content to put online so people can find you, get to know you, and discover your products or services. One of the most daunting tasks for creatives is coming up with content, managing time, and resisting burnout. I’m here to help.