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Small Business Interview With Melissa Witte, Founder Of My Favorite Happy Box


At a time when small businesses are struggling during an unforeseen Pandemic I wanted to reach out and interview some inspiring store owners to bring you some really great online stores to shop at. It’s important we all help out our fellow small business owners by showing support for their creative endeavors. You can support them by sharing this interview with your friends and family, shopping at their online store and/or following them on social media to see potential new items you might like to try. My first interview is with Melissa Witte founder of My Favorite Happy Box. 

Melissa Witte

Melissa Witte is a former teacher who left teaching to be home more with her special needs daughter. She is a single mom who lives in and loves Texas. She and her daughter’s favorite thing to do is to visit Disney World and play with their two cats. Besides being an entrepreneur, Melissa enjoys teaching English to children whose first language is not English.


Carol: Hello Melissa, Can you tell us a bit about yourself and the name of your business?

Melissa: Hello. I am Melissa Witte. I am the founder of My Favorite Happy Box. An online subscription box business encouraging self-care.


Carol: What was the creative spark that gave you the idea to launch your business?

Melissa: I had become a full-time entrepreneur in 2019. When I saw an ad to learn about starting a subscription box, I jumped on it and learned everything I could and started mine right away.


Carol: Can you share with us one of your customers favorite products?

Melissa: People who have experienced my box are loving the candle and soap smells that I’m choosing. They also like water bottles and natural snacks. 


Carol: What country is your business located? Do you ship outside of USA?

Melissa: Right now, our company is only able to ship within the United states. I hope to be able to offer our product to other countries soon. 


Carol: How has Covid-19 impacted your business?

Melissa: Believe it or not, I started my business during Covid-19. I am positive and believe it will be successful.  


Carol: Do you do marketing for your business?

Melissa: I market on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.  Word of mouth is also an awesome way to find out about an great product.


Carol: Where do you see your company in the next two years?

Melissa: I see the company growing and supporting my daughter and myself by reaching beautiful women from several countries.


Carol: What small business tip would you like to pass on to someone who is at the very beginning stages daydreaming about starting their own business journey?

Melissa: Invest in learning. I am a part of two different groups that walk you step by step in how to start your own business.  It might cost a little, but other people’s experiences are invaluable.


Carol: Who are your business mentors?

Melissa: Oh so many to name. Alison J. Prince and Julie Bell are two big ones. Many people have taught me so much from making my business to marketing my business.


Carol: Do you have a team helping you out? If so, how many employees do you currently have working for you?

Melissa: At the moment, the day to day things are all me. I have hired someone to help with design and marketing though. I am looking forward to one day having someone work in the office with me.


Carol: I’m a big believer in building my life around my business instead of the other way around. How do you balance your life and business?

Melissa: Right now I am spending a lot of time making my business successful. I do get to work from home, so I am able to be home for my daughter.  Being my own boss affords me the opportunity to work when and where I want.   


Carol: I believe in paying it forward. Please share with us your favorite place to shop online or something fun you’ve bought online recently. 

Melissa: I’ve really enjoyed shopping from small businesses for both products and services right now. I am proud that my box is almost fully supporting small business from the box, to the designs, to the products.  I’ve met many great businesses online and encourage other’s to do so too.  

Subscription box for moms

Carol: Is there anything you’d like to add before we wrap up our interview together?

Melissa: Yes, I’d like to share my mission. Many women spend their time and money on their children. I picture my product for the woman/mom who needs something for herself. I am single mom of a special needs child, so I know that moms of special needs children think of themselves last. Because of that, I am going to donate a box to a mom of a special needs child each month. 

Carol: I love that! Self Care is so important. What a fun gift moms can gift themselves every month!

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