Interview With BeachBody Coach Jennifer Metz


Hi everyone, today I want to introduce you to Jennifer Metz. She is an entrepreneur, owner of TJMetzFitness (with her husband TJ) and Independent Team Beachbody Coach with a mission to help end the trend of obesity in the United States.

Jennifer, welcome. Thanks for being a part of my interview series.

Carol: How did you become a Beachbody coach?

Jennifer: I was a customer who had great results and discovered Beachbody would reward me financially for what came naturally to me, telling everyone about my great results with P90X and Insanity!  I have been a full-time, Ski-Teaching Professional for 38 years.  My husband and I both have invested ourselves fully in the sport/profession and are both 20 yr+ Trainers and Examiners for PSIA-RM ( Educational and Certification organization for Ski Instructors Nationally). This takes a HUGE toll on our bodies, and off-season training has become a critical part of preparing for each season, performing to our fullest potential and avoiding injuries. P90X, P90X2, P90X3, Insanity: The Asylum (vol 1 and 2) …and other Beachbody  programs have really changed the way we look at ski-conditioning. We have to recover each spring, rebuild our strength and cardio base and only then step into extreme strength, agility and explosiveness training.

Both our time frame for training (ALL summer vs just in the fall) , and type of training (Periodization for recover, strength and then a HUGE jump to intensity) have made us both so much stronger than we were a decade ago!!


Carol: Did you always have an interest in fitness? Does fitness come easily to you?

Jennifer: I have always been an athlete and loved being fit.  Yes, I have to admit.. fitness does come easy and I love the feel of my body when it’s strong and agile. Because my career path requires that I am extremely fit, and because I am aging, working with skillfully created programs and changing my exercise routine seems to be a key part of keeping my body guessing and continuing to stay strong and avoid injuries


Carol: What made you want to be a Shakeology distributor?

Jennifer: (Shakeology is a product available through Beachbody- not separate) Shakeology is the natural solution to increased need for high-quality nutrients when taking on demanding fitness programs. It’s our daily dose of super foods nutrition that we’ve consumed daily for 4 years.  Shakeology simplifies the sourcing and preparing, gives me better nutrition than I could provide for myself, and has made a significant difference in my immune function. I know so many athletes don’t fuel their bodies the way they need to, and haven’t yet felt how it can catch up to them.  It’s not just for weight loss – but for anyone who wants to feel their best over the long run.


Carol: What is the question you are asked the most about losing weight?

Jennifer: It’s either “why can’t I lose weight – I’m hardly eating anything” … or “ I exercise like a fiend and can’t drop a pound” I think what most ppl don’t understand is that the secret to losing and then maintaining that weight loss is in a comprehensive approach that is sustainable. You can’t out exercise a bad diet… and you can’t starve yourself fit!  The body is WAY to clever!  It’s a simple equation really!

Great Nutrition + Cutting Edge Fitness + Support = A Gorgeous Body… from the inside out! 

I HATE (I know it’s strong – but it’s my truth) the new trend in ‘cleansing’ to lose weight.  It’s SO dangerous, resulting in loss of muscle mass and is unsustainable. I have witnessed people using this approach over and over, and not able to sustain any long term weight loss.  It’s glorified binging and purging and it has lasting, damaging results!

True weightless must involve a realistic nutrition plan, whole-food supplementation, cutting edge fitness AND a support system. It takes time, and should be enjoyable … or it won’t last!


Carol: Do you have a Facebook community for all your team members? Is there daily support for someone trying to change old habits and stick to a new exercise routine?

Jennifer: Great question. YES, Facebook is the perfect platform for support! We have a team page with really fun postings, announcements, sharing of ideas.. FitTeamExtremeVitalityandWellness

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We (my team of Coaches and I) host regular Challenge Groups on a private FB Page where we post daily fitness and nutrition tips, keep tabs on personal progress, provide support, encouragement and accountability!  Change can be stressful, so by having participants commit to small, daily shifts in behavior over a period of time (30 – 90 days), we have found it to be more fun, more lasting and less stressful overall!


Carol: I find having my own business and helping others very rewarding. You are helping people make changes that literally can have a positive impact on their lives. Does this make you excited to wake up in the morning and work on your business?

Jennifer: So True!  There is nothing  more fulfilling  than living in the integrity of having purpose and passion aligned! Combining my passions (fitness, nutrition… and skiing!!) with a purpose to help others find their best self (on and off the slopes) drives me every day! What a blessing!
Carol: What do you do for fun when you are not working on your business?

Jennifer: I love to be outside… gardening, riding my mountain bike, skiing with my husband and kids and friends.  I love to travel – poking into all sorts of interesting nooks and cranny’s.


Carol: You are very active on Instagram. Can you share a tip on how you use Instagram to stay connected with your team?

Jennifer: I’m still learning how Instagram actually works!  Like many, I began with ‘life casting’ ( much like we think of Facebook.) I’m evolving now to be more interactive.  Im featuring other, wonderful fitness, nutrition and wellness accounts as well as challenging others in fun ways… Plank Challenge, 4 day Shakeology (clean eating) Challenge, “Learn to love what you hate” Challenge, etc.

I encourage all my team members to be active in Social Media – to find great consultants (like SocialMediahelp4u)
and courses to learn how to maximize exposure and influence more followers to become healthier and more vital.
I feature my team’s postings on my account and recommend them to followers… that’s the way Instagram works!!
Follow me please at:


Carol: When have you been most satisfied in life?

Jennifer: Oh Boy, that’s a tough one. Yep, I’m one of those driven, type ‘A’ personalities… and I’m not good at slowing down long enough to reflect, so here goes…Now!  Right Now!  I’m satisfied with so may aspects of my life.  I have a wonderful, fun, charismatic and supportive husband.  I have  two amazing, grown children who are my heroes! I have more friends than I can count our justly acknowledge. I love BOTH my careers (skiing and TBB).  BUT.. I’m not finished, so I can’t sit back and bask for more than a minute or too.  So much to do, so little time!!


Carol: Who are your mentors?

Jennifer: Hmmm, I have many mentors in both the ski industry and in Beachbody. Because I am in business FOR myself, but never BY myself….EVERY member of my team is a mentor to me in some way! I would have to say my Upline (and Millionaire Circle ) Coach Pete Pena is my business mentor! I know I can rely on his wisdom, experience and guidance any time I  need some guidance.


Thanks so much Jennifer for joining me and sharing what your business is all about.

Thank YOU Carol for letting me share about my passion for wellness, and my journey as a Beachbody Coach!

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