Info Graphics Are Hot Right Now!! Building An Authors Platform!


Info graphics are very popular right now. They are showing up all over the internet, they are very pinnable and visually enticing for many people. Not everyone learns the same way so when you can break down your message into a visual format you make it more accessible for visual learners.

Print this info-graphic out for a checklist on how to build your platform.

Don’t have time to create an info graphic for your website, book or event? Don’t worry. Go to and have someone create one for you.

Here’s a few tips for using

1. Look for someone with a good reputation for completing projects.

2. Be very specific with what you want. Type up very clear instructions with all the details you can think of to give to your web and graphic designer.

3. Have your website added to your info graphic. As you can see i forgot this very important detail. Watch for for “Creating An Authors Platform” info graphic #2.

This info graphic was created by Alarias for Carol Lawrence at