How to add banner advertising to your website.



It’s no secret. Once your blog starts becoming popular and reaching your desired audience. Advertisers come knockin on your web door wanting a piece of the action. This has recently happened to me.  I have received a lot of inquiries about advertising on my website lately. I don’t plan on bombarding you with irrelevant ads but I do hope to share content you may find beneficial.

Scary lips lady banner ad

This is an example of what you won’t find on my website. 🙂

I found a great article describing a plug-in you can add to your WordPress site to make it easy for advertisers to pick the banner size they are interested in, pay you through paypal and email you the html code. The plug-in is called CrankyAds. You can see how it works by looking at the right side of my website. Look for the banner squares that say advertise here.

Here’s an informative article by Yaro Starak from “How much should you charge for advertising on your blog?”

Yaro Starak does an excellent job explaining how he profits from advertising on his blogs. He also gives you a break down on how to figure out what to charge. Before you venture away to read Yaro’s article sign up for my newsletter to stay connected, social media tips, business tips, author interviews and great book reviews.

Keep your blog active and relevant to your desired audience and your traffic will grow.

Have you had success with offering ad space on your website? Do you have a favorite place to advertise your services? What kind of business do you have? Tell us about it.