How NBC’s The Voice Used Social Media To Engage The Audience



“Social media is everywhere” was my husbands comment last night while we were watching NBC’s new hit show “The Voice” that finale’s tonight.

I fell in love with “The Voice” from the very beginning. The way the judges, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Cee lo Green and Blake Shelton had to pick the contestants by only listening to their voice, without being able to see what the contestants looked like impressed me from the start.

My son looked over at me during the show and said, “I see why people like this show, “This show engages its audience.”

The planning behind “The Voice” with the use of social media is top-notch. The audience votes every week by calling in votes to pick the latest winners. Fans also can tweet on Twitter and post status updates on NBC’s The Voice Facebook fan page. Some tweets and status updates are even shared live on the show. Have a favorite song or singer. You can download their song instantly on itunes.

What’s the lesson in all of this? It’s not what you think.

You do not need a large advertising budget to engage your fans. You can connect with and engage your potential fans, clients and customers  through a Facebook Fan Page, website, blog and a Twitter page.

Anyone with any size budget can reach out and engage their audience.

What are you waiting for? Create a Facebook fan page today, start tweeting and begin building your client base.

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Time to go cook dinner so I’m free to watch the finale tonight.

Maybe I’ll see one of your tweets or read one of your status updates, maybe not.

If you want to follow along on Twitter be sure to use the hashtag #thevoice

What’s next for TV and Social Media? Any theories how far social media will go?

Update: The Voice finale’d on June 29th.  I won’t spoil it and include the winners name just in case you want to go watch the show online.  Congrats to the final 8 who will be on tour together very soon.

Written By: Carol Lawrence; Social media manager, author, blogger, author-prenuer and nature lover.