How Can a Private School Draw More Students Through Social Media?


Increased school enrollment means a more robust school budget, better offerings, and a more satisfied team of staff and teachers. There are many ways you can increase your school’s enrollment rates, and one of these ways is by using social media. Here are five ways in which you can draw more students to your school through social media.

Share School Achievements

You can attract new students and parents to your school by sharing the achievements of your school on social media. Doing this will help them know what they can expect when they enroll. While a school website will have to stick to a certain aesthetic in order to be authentic, social media offers a bit more leeway. You can share tweets of the highest-scoring student on Twitter or share pictures of the winners of a school competition on Instagram, for instance. With the national average SAT score standing at 1060 for all schools and 1235 for private schools, you can inspire more people to enroll in your school by showcasing consistently high scores attained by your school’s students.

Link to Social Media

It’s also a good idea to link to social media pages from your school website. Doing this will enable people to easily reach your school’s social handles from the school’s site, which is probably going to be easier to find. It’s possible to integrate the two in such a way that people on the school website can see some snippets of the social media activities of your school. With many people spending a lot of time on social media, this will be a great way to get your school to be more interactive.

Share Important News and Information

You can use social media pages not only to share fun highlights and such but also to put across important news and information concerning the school, education, or even safety and other important public information. You can also share facts and statistics every now and then in a segment of informative posts which you can name accordingly and schedule for a certain day of the week to avoid monotony. An example of a fact you can share is the statistic that about 95% of grads from non-parochial private high schools join four-year postsecondary institutions. This compares to just 49% of those who graduate from public schools. Parents who seek college educations for their children will see your private school as a better option!

Stay Consistent

Make sure to post consistently to your school social media pages. This will not only help your pages rank better as it appeals to the relevant algorithms, but people following your school’s pages will also be more engaged when they know what to expect. When people know that you put up posts consistently on social media, they’re likely to become more engaged with the content you share. More engagement is inevitably what you should be aiming for, as this will help you reach more people, some of whom will be inspired to enroll.

Create Activity Groups on Social Media

Finally, social media can help you get some aspects of your education online. You can create groups on social media for activities like essay practice and more, where students can share their ideas and brainstorm actively. You can also avail the opportunity for students to get the help they need by creating a counseling group or something similar. With private school counselors spending about 55% of their time doing college-related counseling and those in public school spending just 22% of their time on college-related counseling, you can drive the figure higher for your school by enabling students to reach counselors on social media to discuss college essays, SAT prep, and more.

The five tips above should help you increase your school’s social media engagement. This will help more people know about it, and if they like what they see, you will likely see more enrollment.

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