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Finishing Up 2020


I wrote this as a response to a friends post on social media about her having a good cry because she was stressed out. I have an inkling you might be feeling it too, so I reposted my reply here.


I woke up at 1 am quite stressed. Went back to bed, up again at 3 am. Normally I can roll with it. I allowed myself to hear my fears then reminded myself to use my tools, deep breathing, centering, co-manifesting visualizations.


My big goals can get overwhelming so I broke the rest of my week into micro goals, pulled out my journal and channeled it onto paper. Getting it out onto paper has grounded me again.


Life can feel hard, somethings this year have flowed for me quite well, others have been heavy. I’ve learned to let the ones most resistant go or at least allow them more time to come to fruition.


One thing 2020 has reinforced in me is flexibility, going with the flow and being open to rapid change. You might think you want or need something one day and the next day its not even on your radar due to the rapid change manifesting right now within us and surrounding us.


I personally feel we are in the midst of a great paradigm shit. All our systems including parenting, schooling, financials, educational, government, how we raise our food. It’s all going to shift dramatically, at times it’ll be a hot mess as it transforms.


I’m doing my best to process my intuitive messages and watch it unfold from a whole perspective so I don’t get pulled into individual thinking processes and drama.

When in doubt – Step Back – Observe – Assess – Breathe

How are you doing? Are you able to see the whole picture or do you find yourself fragmented in 2020?


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