Feel Replenished And Inspired Again!

Feel Replenished And Inspired Again! 


Has all the stress of Covid and the craziness of 2020 taken it’s toll on you?

Have you lost your Creative Mojo? Your lust for Life? I know you’re tired, burned out and feel beat down but you don’t have to stay in that place for long. 

I get it. I’ve been there myself. It’s important when this happens that we don’t run from our feelings. All that will do is discredit how you really feel inside.

Instead I want to help you acknowledge those feelings, be honest with yourself then go through the process of finding your Inner Spark again.

It’s a bit of a renewal process.

If you need some guidance on how to go through the process of finding you again I invite you to take a look at my simple to follow online course.

A course that will walk you through five steps of rekindling your inner spark. I truly want to help you find that space inside that lights you up, calls in inspired creative downloads from the universe and drives you to wake up ready to roll each day.

I’m going to be brutally honest with you right now. We’re in the midst of a huge awakening taking place on planet earth and the world needs your light. We need you to fully show up as your brilliant self. We all need support from time to time being our brilliant selves. I’d love to be that support for you. 

If you are resonating with what I’m saying, click here and take a look. Let’s start our journey together. 

Rekindle Your Inner Spark Online Course

Rekindle Your Inner Spark Is A Step By Step Action Plan For Prioritizing You. 

Feel Replenished And Inspired Again! 

“Carol Lawrence’s course “Rekindle Your Inner Spark” was energizing and focusing. Carol used a variety of approaches which allowed me to find the ones that fit me best. I particularly liked the “What If” game that guided me to more positive thinking. The idea of “Micro goals” helps make goals small and doable. I loved her approach to vision boards – offering several varieties, including a multi-sensory app. I recommend “Rekindle Your Inner Spark” for everyone.”

~ Peggy Arndt – Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist and author of MaxYourMind.

Affordably Priced at $47.

Grab your favorite hot beverage, a journal/pen and dive in at your own pace. Take time to prioritize YOU!


If you know you don’t have the discipline to complete a course on your own but you need someone to talk to and guide you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, sign up for one of my coaching programs. 


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Through my years of business adventure, I’ve written and consulted on the subjects of small business, marketing, life purpose and intentional conscious parenting.

As a best-selling author, intuitive coach and online course creator I bring an intuitive approach to looking at your life, business, parenting, goals, relationships and manifestation from an energetic perspective. Together we can define your vision, shift your perspective, create an action plan and tap into the energetic frequencies of you and your business. I offer support to help guide you as you manifest the life of your dreams.

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