Don’t Let Facebook’s New Fan Page Timeline Scare You.


Does the new Facebook Fan Page feel intimidating or seem like a daunting task to update?

No worries, here’s a complete walk through from Facebook about the new timelines. Update your Facebook Fan Page (Business page) now or wait until it all swaps over on it’s own in March. If you change it now you can decide what you want on your timeline. You can delete and hide what you don’t want people to see.

Do you want your timeline to show your business from it’s start up days through now?

Maybe you just want the last few months to show up. You decide.

If you need assistance updating your timeline let me know. For a nominal fee I can assist you with this process. Put some thought into your timeline picture. This is a larger picture than you’ve used on your pages before and has the opportunity to show off you and your business experience.

For complete details on Facebook Fan Pages check out this informative video from Facebook explaining all the changes.

If you are a do it yourself kind of person you can easily create your own timeline. You can see how I used to create my profile timeline.  


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