6 Things a Kid’s Summer Camp Needs to Market to Parents Through Social Media


Whether it’s a day or overnight summer camp business, there are many advantages to summer camp that can impact a child forever. A child will come back from camp with more independence, confidence, fresh skills, friendships, and memories that they will recall for the rest of their lives.

Summer camp is not just a business. Children must have great interaction with the people in whose care they have been placed in order for them to have a fulfilling experience and embrace the different opportunities available to them.

Here are six things that you can highlight on social media that will make parents more inclined to send their children to your summer camp business each summer.

Experienced and Caring Summer Camp Workers

Besides a safe physical environment, every parent expects their child to be healthy and safe at camp. That is why adequate supervision is essential. A minimum of two counselors for each group of campers is a must. Counselors should still be present with preschoolers at day end.

Ensure that the camp you select has adequate camper supervision and responds to incidents on a timely basis. They must account for every child and have the parents’ contact information readily available in an emergency. So, be sure to highlight your summer camp’s workers. Post bios with their information so your kids can see their camp counselors on your business’s website and social media platforms.

A Lot of Time Outdoors

The best time to get children engaged in outdoor activities is during their early stage. Statistics show that nearly 11.6 million youths participated in fishing expeditions in 2017 alone.

Experiencing fresh air makes people feel alive and allows us to enjoy our lives more fully. While some kids would like to be outside and others would rather not, outdoor exercise, according to scientists, decreases stress and improves overall health.

Therefore, camps that provide outdoor activities are a top choice among parents with children. Outline every single outdoor activity that your summer camp provides on your social media platforms. Provide pictures of campers and camp counselors having fun swimming, playing soccer, having campfires, and more. Parents want to see that their children will be active throughout the day doing fun outdoor activities.

Healthy Competition Through Sports Activities

From high ropes courses to simple musical events, kids are inspired to step beyond their comfort zone at camp. Summer camp does an excellent job in educating children that failing is okay as well as assisting them in recognizing their shortcomings and realizing that they aren’t permanent and can be changed.

A scientific study discovered that encouraging children to face obstacles at camp assists them with developing liberation, stability, and confidence in a healthy, controlled, and welcoming atmosphere. So, advertise the various sports activities that your summer camp offers. This may include basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, capture the flag, swimming, dance, and more.

Preparation for School

Statistics from the National Institute of Health show that approximately 5% of toddlers transitioning to grade school have apparent speech impediments. Summer camp can help to minimize or get rid of that problem. Summer camps can aid children in the development of structure while readying them for the shift to traditional school.

Children can develop improved reading proficiency, math skills, and writing mastery, all of which can be acquired. Summer camp is an ideal avenue for independence. When you are not there, your child can understand how to communicate with peers and responsible grown-ups who will assist them in achieving their full potential before entering kindergarten. So, market your summer camp’s school-readiness aspects. Provide details about the various reading and learning activities that children will enjoy as well as pictures of counselors and campers in action.

Practice Socializing and Using Communication Skills

Summer camps are great places for kids to practice their relational skills and develop their emotional intelligence (EQ). The digital era has somewhat eroded these well-needed skills. Parents appreciate summer camps that understand the importance of these skills and encourage their growth.

Make sure your summer camp business places a strong emphasis on vital social activities. Regular buddy programs, time to communicate and share, letting kids practice pleasant attitudes and communication skills, and, most importantly, awarding children who display kindness and serve others are great examples.

Proper Daily Hygiene Practices

The American Dental Association recommends brushing twice a day, and this is one of many facts that parents should consider when looking for a summer camp. Proper hygiene like bath time and handwashing is essential, so be sure to advertise your summer camp’s daily routines that ensure children are properly taken care of each day.

By highlighting these important aspects of your summer camp, you’ll be sure to gain more campers each summer.

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