5 Simple Ways You Can Promote Your New Floral Shop


Any business owner has intentions of taking their business to the next step without a doubt. The main way to do it, as most of those who have succeeded will tell you, is in finding the right marketing methods to use. Read on to see five simple ways in which you can promote your new floral shop and earn more business.

1. Target the Right Holidays

Many people buy flowers for the special people in their lives on holidays. For example, on Mother’s Day, about $1.9 billion is spent annually on getting flowers for mothers. This is just one of the days when there’s a high demand for flowers that you should take advantage of. Hold special offers or print marketing materials to let people know what your floral business can do for them. This will help you get a lot more business on these days, and there is a good chance that most customers you cater to you will keep coming back.

2. Create Great Experiences for Your Existing Customers

There’s nothing that people love more than an amazing experience from their favorite vendor. Remember this the next time you’re speaking to a customer or making a sale; give them an experience to remember! This may not only make them keep coming back to you for more, but it could also inspire them to share your store with other people in their lives. This free word-of-mouth marketing will get you even more customers over time.

3. Leverage Social Media

Many business owners have already discovered that social media can be a great source of customers for their business. For example, 68% of adults in America report that they are current users of Facebook. With this in mind, you could try to reach more people on social media and further the reach of your brand. Take time to find out which advertisements perform the best on the social media platforms that you want to use. This way, you won’t be functioning with guesswork, but you will know the best steps to take to get a specific result.

4. Think About Holding Giveaways

People love getting gifts, and 88% of people say that their mood can be improved by receiving a gift of flowers. Take advantage of this fact and make an impact by holding giveaways on social media, your website, or even physically in your store. You could buy useful promotional items in bulk and give them to every lucky customer who fits certain criteria. For added effect, you could attach this item to a few stems of flowers and the people who receive the gift may never forget your store. This will help you create a loyal base of potential future customers who will help you propel your business forward.

5. Create a Positive Brand Image

Finally, remember that branding is important, so take the time to polish yours. Consider refreshing your logo to ensure it’s attractive and professional. This should also be uniform across all your social media handles, packages, website, and store. This could make it easier for people to remember your brand the next time they need something. The association that they build in this way will go a long way in boosting your client base and it will also give you a more professional image.

In these five ways, you can promote your new floral shop and get more out of it. As it grows, remember the actions that had the biggest effect and repeat these while looking into new ones at the same time.