3 Tips for Marketing Your Orthodontic Practice


Investopedia.com states that there are six top reasons why businesses fail. They include a lack of market research, weak or non-availability of a business plan, limited capital, poor marketing, location, and internet presence. An orthodontic business owner can also fail if they commit the ‘sins’ of unsuccessful businesses.

However, you can boost your chances of success by following the tips below for marketing your orthodontic practice. Read on.

1. Know Your Market

According to some research, 75% of the 4 million people wearing braces in the U.S. are less than 18 years old. It means that in promoting your orthodontic practice, most of your target audience are kids and teens. As a result, your marketing campaigns for children should show them how to enjoy wearing braces.

Mascot Braces, WildSmiles, and colored bands are some ways of reaching out to teens. Your business also needs to appeal to parents. Provide info about your qualifications, fees, various treatments, etc., on your website.

Emphasize the long-term benefits of braces to parents, such as career opportunities. For example, demonstrate to college students that braces can boost their confidence and help to make great first impressions. Parents are concerned about their kids’ oral health, as well. Explain to adults the dangers of their kids having crooked teeth. Also, prove to them that braces can improve people’s oral health.

2. Work With Experts

Running any business, including an orthodontist practice, requires expertise. According to dental practice management consultants, a team of specialists, such as marketers, accountants, etc., can help develop a robust plan.

Engaging experts is cost-effective because you can save on employee benefits, insurance, recruitment fees, etc. Your orthodontic practice can bank on the vast skills and experience of marketers, CPAs, and more. They understand the relevant marketing strategies for your business.

Marketers can assist with website design, social media marketing, advertising, and SEO. You can improve your return on investment over the long run. As a result, you can concentrate on other equally crucial tasks, like improving your service to your patients.

3. Set Yourself Apart

Are you offering specialist services, such as Invisalign? Some studies say that over 96% of patients using Invisalign are satisfied. Because of this, it’s vital to have a solid online presence to promote your services to stand apart.

Create content on your website about these services. How-to articles, blog posts, free downloads, videos, etc., are examples of resources you can develop for your customers.

Also, consider offering incentives to attract more clients. Examples include free consultations, special packages, discounts, and more. Reward customers who refer people to your business by offering them gift cards.

Ensure that you’re active on your social media platforms to monitor online reviews. Try to respond to any complaint, negative comment, query, or inquiry as quickly as possible.

It’s also essential to ask your clients for feedback. After their appointment, ask them to review your service by sending them a note. Attach links to your email, Facebook, or whatever social media platform you’re using to interact with your patients.

Marketing your orthodontic practice is crucial to promoting your business and remaining competitive. You could use your in-house team to do all the marketing for you. However, it may lack the depth of skills, experience, and know-how. Outsourcing specialists, such as marketers, etc., can help you scale up faster and hit the ground running. Marketing results may take time. Even businesses in the real estate industry understand that a home sale can take 65 days to close. Be patient as you engage experts to help you with your marketing efforts.