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Social Media Help 4 U

Supporting busy business owners with integrity! Hire someone you can trust!
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  • Free Guide: Creating A Social Media Strategy

    Posted on August 26th, 2015 Carol Lawrence No comments

    Creating A Social Media Strategy

    Competition is stiff these days. If you want to stay “top of mind” you have to be very active and visible online. You can’t sway back and forth from being active to passive. If you are not in front of your target audience, your competition will be. The cool thing about social media is it’s an equal opportunity playground. No matter if you are a giant in the business or the little guy starting out. You have the ability to get in front of your desired audience. 

    You probably already understand the importance of getting your business active on social media but you may not quite understand exactly how to utilize social media or how to create your own social media marketing strategy.

    My simple how-to-guide will provide you with the information and tools you need to get you started.

    My free guide will walk you through all of these steps.

    * Auditing Your Online Presence

    * Learn How To Monitor Your Competition

    * Monitoring Your Business Online Reputation

    * Creating A Content Plan

    * Goal Setting

    * Tracking Your Results

    * How To Set Up Your Facebook Business Page

    If you get stuck you can always contact me for more details.

    Wishing you success with your social media. ~ Carol Lawrence

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  • Gain The Skills You Need To Become A Super Virtual Assistant

    Posted on August 24th, 2015 Carol Lawrence No comments


    Hi everyone, 
    As some of you know, I’m a huge supporter of Sharon Broughton’s work and her awesome training programs.

    Well, she’s got a brand new training program starting soon. And quite frankly, I think she’s hit it out of the park with this one!

    It’s all about gaining the skills you need to super-size your VA practice by becoming a SuperVA.

    You see, Sharon has actually spent an enormous amount of time tapping the 6+ figure entrepreneur market to find out exactly what they want in a VA.

    And what they want is someone who is highly-technical but who brings a whole lot more to the table.

    These are just some of the in-demand skills they’re looking for: 

    • a major techie who’s great at learning new tools for marketing businesses online

    • proactive and knows more than the client about online marketing

    • over delivers and goes the extra mile

    • has a team who have multiple skills and is a one-stop service shop

    • has experience working with clients making 6 figures or higher

    • knows Infusionsoft, Leadpages, OptimizePress2.0, Click Funnels, and more… these services are high in demand!

    I heard it straight from Sharon that you can learn this stuff, no matter what level of skill you’re at. Plus, you won’t be working on your own to deliver services.

    And that means you’ll be re-structuring your business in such a way that you will offer a one-stop shop of services by building a team of specialists who can work hand-in-hand with you to make your client’s business really hum.

    It also means that you’ll be charging some of the highest rates in the industry for the expertise you bring. No more $25 or $50/hour. Think $85, $95, $100 and up! Read the rest of this entry »

  • Customer Testimonial

    Posted on August 22nd, 2015 Carol Lawrence No comments


    One of the perks of owning my own business is sometimes being able to sample products. In this case my fur babies get to try out some nutritious organic, GMO free dog treats. I always enjoy receiving lovely messages from my clients. Thank you Veronica, you are so sweet! If you have a four legged fur baby be sure to check out One Dog Organic Bakery LLC. A portion of their proceeds goes to an animal rescue every month.


    My doggies deserve the best. These treats are full of healthy human grade ingredients. Thanks again One Dog Organic Bakery.


    Marv and Goldie waiting for a treat. Can you believe they are brother and sister? They give 100% approval! They can’t wait until tomorrow for another treat.


    One Dog Organics presentation is perfect from the minute your order arrives in the mail, all the way from the tissue paper, card and products to the packaging label. Even the message on the outside of the box screams brilliant marketing. You can tell Veronica and Dale truly care about their customers. The two-legged humans and especially the four-legged furry ones. Health matters very much to them. I encourage you to take a minute and visit their website and order up some healthy, GMO free organic dog treats for your pets or a friends dog. Be sure to enter their contest to win a free year of dog treats.

    Are your ready to stop trying to do all your social media yourself? Are you ready to hire some help?

    Carol head pic






    Carol Lawrence is the owner of Social Media Help 4 U, a virtual based business that supports authors and businesses based on integrity. Social Media Help 4 U offers conscious business services, providing intuitive and skill based social media management & consulting. Looking for social media assistance to grow your online presence and provide top notch customer service? Have a marketing budget? Look no further. Multiple packages available. Perfect for for the company who knows the value of a marketing budget and needs help putting their company on the social map!

    Fill out my contact form today. Let me know your name, website url and social media sites you are on. Are you looking for social media management, a consulting call about social media or Facebook especially or are you in need of set up or an assessment? Be specific. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to receive my free guide: How To Create A Social Media Strategy.


  • Interview With Kate Buck Jr., Creator Of Social Media Manager Pro

    Posted on August 18th, 2015 Carol Lawrence No comments

    Carol Lawrence Interviews Kate Buck Jr.Creator

    I’m so excited to share with you my interview with Kate Buck Jr.

    Kate is the creator of Social Media Manager Pro. A full online course that teaches you how to become a social media manager. This is the course that literally changed my career path. Kate shares from her heart what she thinks stands in the way of people following their dreams, tidbits for parents who are struggling to create boundaries with their children surrounding technology and online safety, how to get started with her course and her biggest take away she’s gleaned from life from the past few years. If you’ve been wondering if working from home or a career path related to social media is right for you take a look. Enjoy!

    Are you ready to learn more?

    What if you had the freedom you always wanted to work when you want, how much you want, and where you want?

    Right now, you could earn a full-time income working part time…working at something that’s so fun and easy that anyone could do it.

    Which is why I want you to watch this video.

    Here’s what you DON’T NEED to get started.

    A website
    Marketing skills
    Formal education
    Start-up capital

    All you need is the willingness to invest in yourself and the desire to fast-track your freedom. The willingness to learn a new career path. You can start part-time so you don’t have to quit your day job, but once you get a taste of the flexibility and freedom available the sky’s the limit.


  • How to Determine What Size Your Social Media Budget Should Be

    Posted on August 17th, 2015 Carol Lawrence No comments

    Guest Post By John Constantinides

    As the first half of 2015 is already behind us, many markets are already considering what the size of their social budget should be in 2016. Social media planning is important and so we wish to share with you some tips on determining the size of your social media budget for the next year.

    for guest post

    Draw a comparison between spending and benefits

    Comparing your spending with the benefits it brings should be an important first step in determining the size of your budget. While it may be difficult to connect each expenditure with an associated benefit, it is a key exercise that allows you to evaluate costs and outline the benefits that come with them. Don’t forget to pay attention to the tools of your trade. Although you can’t operate without them, you should consider cutting costs for things that don’t improve efficiency and do little to support your business tactics or overall company strategy.

    Consider spending extra money outside the social networks Twitter and Facebook Read the rest of this entry »

  • The Truth about Passive Income By PJ Van Hulle

    Posted on July 31st, 2015 Carol Lawrence No comments


    I’ve been to more seminars and read more books about passive income than I can count. They make it sound so easy. When you set out to generate more passive income for yourself, you may find that these seminars and books have left out some critical information.

    First, it’s important to know what passive income is and what it isn’t.

    Passive income is income that comes in whether you’re working, sleeping or playing. The America Internal Revenue Service defines passive income as income from “trade or business activities in which you do not materially participate.”

    Some examples of passive income are:

    • Rental income from real estate
    • Earnings from a business that doesn’t require direct involvement or participation from the owner
    • Royalties from publishing a book or from licensing intellectual property
    • Earnings from internet advertisement on your websites
    • Dividend and interest
    • Interest on private mortgages
    • Income from vending machines that you own
    • Income from an online business that you have put on autopilot

    When I heard about passive income for the first time, my whole world changed. I started looking for ways that I could buy or create assets that would generate passive income for me. If I wanted to buy a car, I stopped focusing on saving money to buy the car. Instead, I focused on generating enough passive income for my assets to buy the car for me. Read the rest of this entry »

  • Tinder App; Hookups Ruin Girls’ Self-Esteem

    Posted on July 23rd, 2015 Carol Lawrence No comments

    Parents are the key in building strong

    Guest Post: Tinder App; Hookups Ruin Girls’ Self-Esteem By

    Girls struggle emotionally when their romantic ideas involving a particular boy go astray. A new study reveals that for adolescent girls, having a romantic relationship that plays out differently than they imagined has negative implications for their mental health. In fact, the study suggested that girls risked depression, thoughts of suicide and suicide attempts when their relationships diverged from what they imagined, states the study’s author, Brian Soller, an assistant professor of sociology. This same effect was not seen in boys.

    Dr. Soller tried to make sense of why girls suffer such consequences when the ideas in their head do not match what happens in reality with their relationships. For some girls, romantic relationships are an important component to developing their identity, and are closely related to how good they feel about themselves. When their relationships go badly it affects their emotional wellbeing. Boys build their identities around sports or other activities, and therefore it doesn’t have as significant an impact.

    This is one reason hookups are so detrimental to a girl’s self-esteem and identity. In a recent article, Paula England PH.D suggests hook-ups prioritize male pleasure. Girls may desire romance and relationships mistakenly believing engaging in a hookup will help her achieve the relationship she has always wanted. They are later devastated when they realize the hook-up meant nothing to the boy other than casual sex.

    Sex apps are everywhere, but one in the news recently is the Tinder App. Tinder is an app for adults, and it’s commonly viewed as one that facilitates casual hookups rather than friendships or long-term partnerships. The designer of the app says it’s not a place children should be allowed. When the app was first released about 90% of the users were between 18 and 24 years old. Now that number has dropped to over 7% of the users being 13 year of age to 17. This is a dangerous app for tweens and teens since the person they are talking to can pinpoint them to within a mile of where they live. From there it is not difficult to understand how dangerous this is for young girls. As of late Tinder has made a statement that parents should know, and block this app, as well as others, that offer a place where the platform is mostly adults seeking other adults.

    Apps such as Tinder and other hookup apps place parents and their children in a precarious position. How can parents safeguard their children at all times? They cannot, but they can make changes that will help their children understand the consequences and how to make healthier choices on and offline.

    Below are suggestions for raising a daughter who spends less time validating her emotional wellbeing by experiencing the ideal romantic relationship to one who lives a more passionate, interesting life engaging in activities that will build her confidence and self-esteem. Read the rest of this entry »

  • Mobile Live Casting With MeerKat & Periscope

    Posted on July 13th, 2015 Carol Lawrence No comments

    Mobile Live Casting is what is hot right now. What is mobile live casting? It’s live streaming video through a mobile app.

    Meerkat and Periscope are two very popular mobile casting apps right now. Have you tried it? I’ve tried Meerkat (@SocialMediaH4U )and planning on exploring Periscope this week. One thing that is fun is on Meerkat is that people can leave comments in real time! Being able to answer questions live will help you be able to keep the conversation going. 

    One fail I’ve seen so far is if you are on an Android you can’t be cameod in to join someone else’s live stream on Meerkat. Hopefully this changes very soon. It also is kind of weird talking into the camera and trying to keep a conversation going. You don’t hear anyone respond you only see their live comments if you are on Meerkat. Periscope saves the streams for 24 hours. Meerkat doesn’t but if you use Katch you can record your streams. You have to use the hashtag #Katch so be sure to click the link and follow the instructions. 

    I’ve seen many ways businesses and marketers are using these live streaming apps.

    Here are just a few.

    The Weather Channel  – @weatherchannel broadcasts storm warnings and answers viewers questions.

    Grant Cardone – @grantcadone broadcasts answers to billionaire business questions.

    Antonio Harris – @horatioush Shares Social Media Tips.

    There’s a wide variety of options on how you can put this to use to grow your business.

    Here are a few of my suggestions:

    * Live stream from your next conference or event. Read the rest of this entry »

  • What’s Working On Social Media Right Now.

    Posted on June 30th, 2015 Carol Lawrence No comments
    3 The biggest key I can give you is this-

    Live Life With Your Followers (Click Photo To Enlarge)

    There are a lot of things going right in 2015 as far as social media is concerned. I know that figuring out what works and what doesn’t can be a challenge. I’ve been listening to other social media managers, thought leaders and social media marketing masters to see what’s working for everyone. Instead of focusing on what’s not, such as organic reach plummeting i’m only going to share what is working. I’ve compiled a slideshow of quotes and references for you to watch. Pause on each one to read then continue. Let me know your thoughts. Unfortunately I forgot to add my favorite tips from Sandi Krakowski so here it is as a bright bold photo for you to see and absorb. Sandi’s one of the best marketers out there! Enjoy the show and be sure to tell me what’s working for you?
    Thanks for watching! ~ Carol Lawrence Read the rest of this entry »

  • Mobile Detox: Get back your family time by guest author Amy Williams

    Posted on May 22nd, 2015 Carol Lawrence No comments


    familyAre mobile devices taking up too much of your family time? If you’re like countless families around the country, you’ve probably seen people pulling out electronic devices and tuning out the world around them, even during rare opportunities to see friends and family face-to-face – so let’s look at some ways to get family time back again.

    1) Limit Access During Certain Times

    If digital devices aren’t allowed within a set frame of time – dinner until bedtime is a popular choice – you’ll be able to start doing other things as a family, such as:

    • Helping Teens With Their Homework: Parental involvement is a great way of helping teens actually learn the material they’re supposed to be studying. Keeping busy with another task will help teens learn to stop reaching for their mobile device every time they feel a twinge of boredom, and the more they resist, the easier it will be to stay away in the future.
    • Playing Games Together: That’s right, you can play games without electronics… and it works even better if those games help to encourage creativity and problem-solving, .
    • Family Talks: Sometimes, all you really need to do is sit down and discuss how things are going. You can ask about your child’s life, tell them stories of your own day, and generally form a relationship besides being ‘the person who feeds me’.

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