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     Social Media Management for Authors and Busy Business Owners.

    For business owners who know the importance of social media and have a marketing budget!  Hire someone you can trust!

    Hello And Welcome To Social Media Help 4 U!

    On this page you will find a complete list of our services. Feel free to look around and email me if you have any questions. Click the page at the top that says “blog” for my latest blog posts on social media management, tips for authors, business engagement and much more. To stay in the loop and stay connected subscribe to my Social Media Help 4 U ezine. ~ Subscribe box located on right side of page. Please come on over and join me on Facebook. I check in daily and love having conversations with my online friends. ~ Carol Lawrence


    Virtual Social Platform Building and Maintenance.

    If you understand the importance of social media, have an advertising budget and are ready to hire someone you can trust you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need basic management of your social media profiles or full marketing management for your company we are here for you. Gone are the days of newspaper ads and commercials. Who wants to read a newspaper when you can find out the latest news instantaneously online? Who wants to watch a commercial when you can DVR your favorite programs and skip right to the best parts? It’s all about the blogosphere. You want to get in front of your audience? Then you have to get active online. You have to go where your customers are. This doesn’t mean completely abandon all your other techniques it just means that you need to allocate some of your advertising budget for social media expenses and ads. Why does your company need to take social media seriously? Social media extends your reach, helps you engage with your customers and builds your community. Consistent activity even shows up in the search engines! Start creating your ripple effect today.


    According to the Social Media Examiner 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report: The top two benefits of social media marketing are increasing exposure and increasing traffic. A significant 89% of all marketers indicated that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses. Increasing traffic was the second major benefit, with 75% reporting positive results.

    According to the 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by Michael A. Stelzner of Social Media Examiner, 50% of all marketers surveyed saw an important improvement in sales due to social media marketing and 92% of all marketers indicated that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses. Increasing traffic was the second major benefit.

    Competition is stiff these days. If you want to stay “top of mind” you have to be very active and visible online. You can’t sway back and forth from being active to passive. If you are not in front of your target audience, your competition will be. The cool thing about social media is it’s an equal opportunity playground. No matter if you are a giant in the business or the little guy starting out. You have the ability to become front and center through creative thinking, time and continuous effort. It doesn’t usually happen over night. You have to be committed. If you are committed then I’m your gal. My team and I offer superb reliable honest service. You will not be disappointed!

    While you nurture your business, We’ll nurture your online presence.

    Full Service Social Media Management For Busy Business Owners

    Take a look below at all our packages, after you have an idea of the package you are most interested in send Carol an email to schedule a phone consultation. After package has been chosen we’ll send you a proposal/Engagement letter.

    All fees are paid up front in three-month, six-month or one year packages.

    Email Carol today! carol@socialmediahelp4.com

    We have four convenient social media management packages and one blogging package to choose from along with a wide selection of additional services including our social media assessment. You may also want to consider one of our other services to help build your brand and expand your influence with consistent activity and engagement! For private consulting  jump towards the bottom of this page.

    Package #1 – Due to High Demand. Help Me Get Started Package. For the owner on a tight budget! You asked and we listened.

    • 3 Facebook updates per week
    • 4 Tweets per week on Twitter or 2 updates per week on Pinterest or Instagram
    • Accept friend requests on two networks, follow up on messages.
    • Follow up on incoming comments, feedback, questions that require your attention keeping you connected to your audience.
    • Follow up on inbox messages.
    • Very basic client building.
    • Audience building
    • Email communication as needed.

    Package #2. The Intermediate Package. Help Me Take My Business To The Next Level.  (Management of two social profiles – Facebook & Twitter) Perfect for an author or small business. Bonus: 2 G+ updates a week included for SEO

    • 2 status updates on Facebook five days a week.  5 Tweets on Twitter five days per week. Twitter  bonus tweets on my page depending on your desired audience. (My viewers connect with authors, social media, parenting, marketing and shopping)
    • Accept friend requests on two networks, follow up on messages.
    • We send you important comments, feedback, questions that require your attention keeping you connected to your audience.
    • Follow up on inbox messages on both networks
    • Basic client building. Engagement, connection and relationship building.
    • One phone consultation per month when needed to strategize your business growth.
    • Strategy building, content creation ideas. Partial content provided by client. Extra fees for research and content creation.
    • Reshares, repins or retweets. (It’s important to show you are paying attention to what your followers are sharing as well. Of course we would only reshare content that is valuable to your audience and is appropriate.)
    • Email communication with you as needed
    • Quarterly reports.
    • Audience building
    • Reputation monitoring
    • If you need more sites managed please specify in email for phone consultation.
    • Setup and monitoring of Facebook ads. Facebook ad fees paid by client.
    • 2 updates per week on Google+ for SEO purposes and platform building.

    Package #3 The Advanced package for serious marketing – Add on Pinterest to package #2. Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. The perfect package for online stores and businesses who have plenty of videos, products or content with pictures.

    Pinterest is perfect for store owners who have a lot of merchandise or content to share.

    Pinterest is hot!! Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social sites on the planet right now. With over 17 million users it’s generating huge traffic to websites. Pinterest hit the 10.4 million mark in record time. Why? It’s a visual and it’s fun! People are stimulated visually and love seeing pictures with words. Pinterest is one of the newest and fastest growing social bookmarking sites, which allows users to tag websites based on images. Don’t miss jumping on this train!

    • Creation of your page with a minimum of 5 boards.
    • 40 new pins a month. 40 repins a month.
    • Follow users in targeted areas.
    • Pin relevant images from your website to drive traffic back to the main site
    • Regular Pinterest activities (repining, comments, likes, sharing popular pins on other social sites)Group pins.
    • Products have the price included in description.
    • All boards have a full keyword optimized profile.
    • Example items to be pinned. Products, events, courses, blog posts, recipes and contests. If it’s on the web and has a picture it can be pinned.
    • Quarterly reporting depending on contract.
    • Monthly  phone consulting if needed. Available by email when needed.

    #4. Basic blog maintenance available. Email for prices (carol@socialmediahelp4u.com)

    Website lagging in traffic? You need a social media optimized blog. Updated content, regular posting and consistent social media activity can put you back on the map!

    • Blog inbox, spam, comment moderation
    • Blog posting/scheduling (Posts provided by client or guest bloggers)
    • Updating blog widgets
    • Twitter updates of blog posts/events
    • Building followers/fans/customers/promotion
    • Assistance scheduling blog posts related to your current events; Pr, radio shows, live events, book signings, etc. Assistance with content creation. These are just ideas. You may be a doctor and have a completely different focus with your blog. :)
    • Keeping track of your blogging team and making sure your blog flows with regularity.
    • Regular blogging can also help brand you as an expert in your niche.


    ATTENTION: Growing your online community is a commitment. It takes time, strategy and engagement. To build loyal loving customers you need consistency, active engagement, integrity, focus and a long term plan. A combination of trust, consistent engagement, quality content and Facebook ads is a tried and true system for boosting your customer base and sales! You must have a marketing budget to succeed online.


    A La Carte

    • Do you want to handle your social media operations on your own but need a little guidance to get you started? Social media consulting by the hour.
    • Need help figuring out your gift/your niche? Getting organized in business and life? Email Carol to schedule consulting today.
    • Social Media Assessment
    • Facebook Fan page building
    • Twitter profile creation and full build up of your page.
    • Amazon Author Profile building.
    • Product Reviews – Email Carol at carol@socialmediahelp4u.com  for more details.

    Social Media Assessment: Full assessment of all your social sites, blog & website = $100.00.  (Up to seven sites)

    Order your full Social Media Assessment Now.  You will receive a full assessment of each site and valuable information on growing your fan base and increasing engagement curtailed specifically for you. (Also included – How you can monitor your own online reputation and my 25 Twitter Tips For Growing Your Business.)

    Assessment includes:

    • Understanding the social environment
    • Are you B2B or B2C
    • Posting times best suited for your audience. How to find this on Facebook page.
    • Age group and target area of your audience
    • Ideas for growth and tools you can use to help manage your social activity more smoothly
    • Ideas for alternate revenue streams
    • Conversation and content ideas for your social profiles.
    • How to let your passion show through to your clients
    • Best social sites to be on for your company
    • Keywords
    • Identifying Influencers

    Just getting started? Not quite ready to make the jump into hiring help? Sign up for my newsletter for tips and tools. Pay for my assessment of your website, blog and social sites. My assessment will get you going in the right direction to build your community. Includes 25 Twitter Tips For Growing Your Business.


    Social Media Assessment – Buy Now!($100.00) Email Carol at carol@socialmediahelp4u.com – Be sure to mention you are ordering an assessment. Include all the links you have to your website, social media sites and the email address to connect with you and bill you at.

    Contact for prices/questions

    Email: Carol@socialmediahelp4u.com

    Be sure to include:

    1. Your Name/Company Name
    2. Email
    3. Company website
    4. Plan you are most interested in and any questions you may have.
    5. Do you have a brand/theme
    6. Tell me about your company, provide details that will help me get a feel for the direction you want your internet voice to be.
    7. Phone number
    8. How familiar are you with social media? Love it? Dislike it? Not sure?
    9. What are your business goals?

    All package fees are paid upfront through Paypal or by company check.  All company checks must clear before work begins.

    I look forward to meeting you and helping you take your business to the next level!







    Carol Lawrence is a social media manager/consultant for authors, small business owners and corporations. She is the owner of Social Media Help 4 U and has trained with Kate Buck Jr.,  Sandi Krawkoski, Kelley Fidel and Frank Kern.

    She has studied the teachings of  Fabienne Fredrickson,  Amy Porterfield, Mari Smith, Ali Brown and many more.

    Supporting authors, small businesses with integrity.


    Recommendations & References

    Sign up for your preferred package now by emailing me for more information Carol@socialmediahelp4u.com Be sure to answer the 9 questions listed above so I know who you are, what your company is about and what kind of assistance you are in need of.


    Please, please hire someone you trust. Whether it’s my company or another one make sure you hire someone with integrity. While I’ve never met anyone personally who would behave like this I have read the horror stories. Hiring a manager who indiscriminately tweets or shares racial or derogatory posts can ruin your reputation and set back your company branding. Take precautions and be proactive with your business presence.


    “I needed someone to help me resolve a Facebook issue and am delighted to have found Carol at Social Media Help 4 U. She resolved my issue and in addition gave me excellent advice via her Social Media Assessment tool. There are lots of folks trying to sell internet-marketing, SEO tools, or large company social media support; none of them fit my small business needs like Carol. In addition to being technically knowledgeable and easily accessible she is reliable and trustworthy. I highly recommend Carol’s services to those needing help with their social media efforts.”


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