How to Attract More Families to a Vacation Resort


The travel industry is a vibrant one, and it needs constant creativity to keep getting new clients. If you’re keen to find out how you can attract more families to your vacation resort, read on. You will see five easy ways you can do this, from leveraging social media to providing incentives to people so they spend their next getaway at your resort.

Show Off Usage of the Latest Technology

With the whole world making great strides and great technological advancements, it’s important to show your audience that you’re at par with the times. A Bloomberg report done in 2017 says that, by 2040, electric vehicles will make up about 54% of new car sales worldwide. You could get ahead of the competition by using electric cars as rentals at your resort or something similar. By doing this, you show your target market that you will go above and beyond to cater to their technological needs. Set up high-speed Wi-Fi and install modern entertainment centers that will have people feeling like they have taken a step into the future when they visit your resort.

Give Incentives

To inspire people to pay your resort a visit, give them incentives to do so. These could include offering better prices for your services, giving discounts to first-time visitors, providing discounts on dining, and more. Run an ad on social media telling people that if they sign up for a vacation within a certain period of time, they will get free access to places like fitness centers or other spaces at your resort. The sense of urgency brought about by time-limited offers is bound to translate into more people signing up.

Create Posts That Reveal the Aesthetics of the Resort

This is where a good social media presence and functional website will come in handy. People are generally visual in nature, and this especially comes into play when they’re shopping for goods and services online. Make sure that you put up great posts that attract people’s attention and help them picture being at your resort enjoying the amenities.

To take good pictures, you need to have a good vacation resort in the first place, so you should consider giving it an upgrade. Paint the walls, modernize the fittings and furniture, and even change the flooring. In 2019, commercial flooring made up almost 54% of the market for concrete flooring in terms of revenue, showing just how many commercial spaces see the importance of good floors to attract customers.

Utilize Live Answer Forums to Gain an Online Audience

To get better engagement, make use of live answer forums. These will be handy for people who may be thinking of taking a vacation but need some things cleared up for them. When you’re available on a set date to directly and immediately respond to the questions and concerns that people may have concerning your resort, you’re likely to win many of them over. Train your staff to help you with these, and you will see an improvement in the number of people vacationing at your resort.

Remind Families That the Prices Are a Bargain

Everybody loves a bargain, especially for luxuries like vacations. Be sure to remind families that you’re offering them bargains that they won’t find elsewhere. As long as your prices are sensible and make you a profit, keep them attainable to as many people as possible, and they will see the value of what you’re offering them. With 53% of people who own timeshares spending $10,000 or more on the experience, it’s clear that people will be open to spending a tidy sum to get a great vacation spot. Remind families that your resort is much more cost-effective than a timeshare.

To attract people to your resort, it’s good to be creative and offer a fresh perspective that may not be common and worn out. It’s advisable to hire marketers who have the right experience to help you do this. Then, you will see a great return on your investment.

Devin is a writer and an avid reader. When she isn’t lost in a book or writing, she’s busy in the kitchen trying to perfect her slow cooker recipes. You can find her poetry published in The Adirondack Review and Cartridge Lit.