Children’s Authors And Self-Help Authors Wanted To Be A Part Of A Power Promo Team


I am looking to Create a Power Promo Team for Effective Cross-Promotion… if you are a childrens author or a self help book author and think you might be interested please contact me. 








My name is Dawn O Dell. 

I am the Owner, Founder and Author at Angels of Inspiration, an organization I created in 2010 to motivate our young to dream.

As an author I wanted to give our children the tools, they crave to promote emotional well-being through creativity and positive thinking.

I believe that there is a great lack of learning tools,and guidance being offered to our younger generation.                                                                                                                                                That what our children are learning is outdated and very basic. Through Angels of Inspiration, I am able to fulfill a passion for helping children as well as giving back, to raise funds and awareness for causes that benefit children in our community through the sales of my children’s books.

My drive and dedication are to create the tools required through entertaining children’s books to empower our next generation.  To give parents the help and words to teach their children and help them develop the positive mindset they need to dream, believe and achieve…What I want most for my readers, and customers is for them to dream, to be inspired, to gain a positive outlook on their hopes, desires and emotional well-being. To take a step forward and help children in their most developing years to dream, to reach for and prepare a positive course to create a vision as they travel down their individual pathways of life in pursuit of happiness.

I want my readers to take the tools offered and create change, to lead by example. I want my readers to go forward in their journey filled with passion to walk down a pathway toward positive life choices.

For more information on Angels of Inspiration please check out these resource. 
Angels of Inspiration Online Store: 
Twitter: angelsofinspiration1 
You can also find me on face book, wishing it, dreaming it and doing it!
Through Angels of Inspiration I donate a portion of the sales from my childrens books to The Canadian Cancer Society
and or The Three Oaks Foundation.
To learn more on these amazing organizations please visit these links: and 

2 Responses

  1. Dawn ODell

    Angels of Inspiration Power Promo Team…

    If you believe you can offer something to our team by all means come join us!

    • Carol Lawrence

      Dawn, there is power in numbers and collaboration. You’ll have to keep us posted on how it all goes. Good luck and thanks for reaching out to my audience. I really appreciate it.