5 Benefits To Bringing More Calm Back Into Your Life And Business Using Guided Meditations

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After the past few years of chaos, lockdown, having to shut down or limit business, and being bombarded with fear, people are feeling overwhelmed, overstimulated, and traumatized. Busy business owners know that when they can slow down, bring stability, and … Read More

Learn How To Live And Serve Well In Our Fast-Changing World.


Live a Life Aligned With Your Heart And Intuition. Learn Simple Daily Rituals & Specific Skills To Raise Your Energy That Allow You To Approach Life From A Full Cup. Custom Designed Life Pathway. Live At A Higher Vibrational Level And Guide Others To Do The Same!

Burnout Is A Real Thing. Here Is How You Can Get Your Creative Spark Back!

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Welcome to my blog. I’m so glad you are here. I recently had the honor of being a guest on Melissa Fitzsimmons podcast Mom Is A Verb. We had a blast! Take a listen as we discuss getting past burnout, … Read More

Small Business Interview With Natalia Beley, Owner of Evimero Marketplace


At a time when small businesses are struggling during an unforeseen Pandemic I wanted to reach out and interview some inspiring store owners to bring you some really great online stores to shop at. It’s important we all help out our fellow small business owners by showing support for their creative endeavors. You can support them by sharing this interview with your friends and family, shopping at their online store and/or following them on social media to see potential new items you might like to try.

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