Gain The Skills You Need To Become A Super Virtual Assistant


Hi everyone, As some of you know, I’m a huge supporter of Sharon Broughton’s work and her awesome training programs. Well, she’s got a brand new training program starting soon. And quite frankly, I think she’s hit it out of the … Read More

8 Social Media Tips For Salon Owners


8 Social Media Tips For Salon Owners. Recently while working with a hairdresser, a problem arose that got me thinking about competition. Competition can be scary to many business owners. I believe that concerns like these are normal and can … Read More

Buy Today and Save! (Or, How to Turn Off Your Followers Immediately) By Mickie Kennedy


Did you want to stop reading after that headline? I don’t blame you. A sales pitch can be so aggravating. After all, the whole DVR industry has made a gazillion dollars on the premise that nobody wants to watch commercials. … Read More

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