Dr Nadine Magnificence Mine and Creating RESULTS Holistic Center

“Have you ever felt STUCK with Social Media? No clue where to go? What to do? Where to focus your attention on? That was ME! Can you feel my pain?? Then I reached out to Carol Lawrence with Social Media Help 4 U. Within a few minutes I had a list of action steps I could take to streamline my messages and un-clutter my desk and calendar. Carol helped me get the left hand talking to the right hand oh yeah, and both talking to the brain. yahoo me. Now, I have a multi-media publishing plan I publish over a variety of Social Media platforms. Carol showed me what apps and programs to use to be more efficient and save time.

Carol even walked me through getting my posts onto Instagram (this after struggling with it for a year). Today I am feeling
Capable, Accomplished and Excited with my Social Media outreach. Thank you Carol for understanding and guiding me to owning a new experience
with Social Media.”

Nadine, N.D., C.N.S

Master Healer-Communicator for Animals 🐾 & Humans, Naturopath, Medical Intuitive