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Welcome To Social Media Help 4 U With Carol Lawrence


Serving Small Business Owners, Coaches, Thought Leaders, And Entrepreneurs For Over Ten Years.


When you are just starting out in business it can be overwhelming. Over the past ten years I’ve helped small business owners with their marketing, social media content creation, content scheduling, consulting on marketing techniques, blogging, operations and visibility. And the most important part – MINDSET.

I currently am offering a few services. You can see them here.


Current Coaching Program: Helping You Go From Burn Out To Bliss 🌻 Coaching you through your burnout and stress back to you again.

Burnt out on life? Your relationships? Parenting? Your business?

Together we’ll dive into why you are burnt out, how to make peace with the place you are currently in your life now and craft a plan for moving forward. Let’s rekindle your Inner Spark!

Enquire About Working With Me One on One Here

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