Upgrade Your PR Pitch Game Today.


There’s a brand new way to send pitches to podcasts, magazines, press, and more. It’s called PR Pitches. You can sign up for as little as $97 per month. This allows you to search the large database of over 3 million options to submit 100 pitches per month. (Larger packages are available) You also can add an admin assistant (Me) to help you with your monthly submissions. 

Imagine having your repurposed audio and video articles published in large publications such as Women’s Health, Forbes, Business Insider, Fast Company, Oprah Daily, Inc. Magazine, TIME, and many others.

Imagine your calendar filling up with podcasts allowing you to speak to a larger audience sharing your message while growing your brand.

Imagine speaking on multiple stages this year.

Imagine getting featured in a major publication.

Now imagine your very own pitching assistant to help submit pitches that are aligned with your brand each month!

For a monthly retainer fee starting at $1000 (3-month commitment), I will submit your 25 pitches on your behalf 25 per month saving you time and energy so you can run your business. 

If you’re a change-maker, soulpreneur coach, author, or business owner here to make an impact I want to help you get your brand in front of more customers and clients. 

“PR Pitches connects you directly to large publication editors, journalists, contributors, columnists, podcasters, event organizers, and associations to help you get unlimited PR on Demand, book paid speaking gigs, make more money, and create a global impact.” Prpitchesdotcom

Here’s how it works. 

If you are interested in hiring me to pitch for you fill out my form. If you are interested in sending your pitches yourself sign up for Pr Pitches.

I’ll do the research and editing of the pitches so they are personalized to you and your brand, making sure you’re a great fit for the places you are being pitched to.

(All articles need to be written by you or a team member. Depending on the subject matter I can assist in crafting an article based on your personalized content/lives/transcriptions for an added fee.)

This service is limited. Reach out and I’ll let you know if I have availability. 

If you’ve got your foundation in place and you’re ready for more visibility but don’t have the time to filter through and submit pitches, let me do the tech work for you. 

You’re just a few clicks away from getting started.

Carol Lawrence (Best-selling conscious living co-author and marketing strategist)