Top 10 Reasons You Need A Facebook Fan Page


  1. Facebook Fan Pages are not just for large established companies. They are perfect for the little guys trying to get noticed. All the way from the newly published author trying to connect with his or her audience to the local bakery that wants to keep their customers updated on the daily specials. Perfect for entrepreneurs, popular blogs, and websites wanting to extend their internet reach, generate traffic, and build strong lasting communities.
  2. A Facebook Fan Page helps you establish your place on the internet. Show off your talents, products, specials, books, writing platform or business.
  3. You can add a like button to your Facebook Fan Page. When a user clicks you’re like button on your site, a story appears in their News Feed with a link back to your website or Fan Page. The user is opting in to read your daily updates that you provide via your fan page. Through viral marketing efforts you can increase your fans over time.

4. Facebook is active, and continuously growing. You have to work at getting likes (fans) but not as hard as you have to work at bringing traffic to your webpage. By engaging with your Facebook audience you can increase your page views and sales.

5. You can tie in your web page and Twitter accounts to your Fan Page.

6. Facebook offers you insights and stats so you can keep track of activity, your popular posts and more.

7. View stats for your likes and comments by the week or the month. 8. You can promote your Facebook Fan Page or website with a Facebook ad.  Choose your audience by location, age and interests. Connect with more than 600 million potential customers; set your daily budget for the amount you are comfortable spending. You can change your daily budget amount at any time.

9.  A customized Fan Page will help you stand out amongst all the regular Facebook pages. In today’s fast paced social market it is vital that you are noticed.

10. Facebook is fun, engaging and social. Share your favorite’s books, live chats, movies, photos, vacation experiences and more. You can promote your business but at the same time connect on a more personal level engaging with people from all over the world with the possibility of building long-lasting partnerships.


2 Responses

  1. Dr Nadine
    | Reply

    Carol.. the information you have provided has literally TRANSFORMED my experience. I accomplished SO MUCH on my blog today.. thank you for educating me

  2. Carol Lawrence
    | Reply

    Nadine your so welcome. You are a fast learner and you are dedicated to making your blog rock!

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