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I Recently Wrote An Article On Medium About What I Learned About Fortifying My Home By Watching The Show Alone


My oldest son Tony started telling my husband and me all about a show he was watching called Alone. He’s an avid outdoor enthusiast and is really enjoying the TV series so we decided to check it out. Since we live in the mountains and thrive in the outdoors we were intrigued. We finished season seven then went back and began season one.

A common theme when you are trying to survive in the wild or at home is having certain needs taken care of. On the show, the contestants always start focusing right away on key survival needs. Shelter, Water, and Food. Then there’s safety from the local critters and location dangers, and making sure they can mentally handle the challenge to be able to stick it out for the long haul.

Sure the show focuses on the outdoors but in reality, there are multiple events that could take place that would instantly transform our worlds. Do I like to think about these events? No, but I know being prepared is not just for preppers, it’s for anyone who doesn’t like to be caught off guard relying on their neighbors or community to provide and guide them if a disaster occurs. Majority of people panic in catastrophic situations so it’s best to be able to have a game plan in place vs waiting for someone else to tell you what to do.

This is definitely not the time to become complacent hoping someone else will take care of you during a disaster.

Click on over to Medium to finish reading all the tips I learned.

I’ve created a free guide to help you get started putting your emergency plan in place.

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