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Hello everyone, I recently had the pleasure of interviewing author Jeff Brown. Jeff Brown’s book Soulshaping is a masterpiece! It truly is food for the soul.

Jeff could you please tell me about yourself? Do you have any children or wish to someday?

(a)I wouldn’t know where to start, or end 🙂 (b) I do not have biological children, although I have been like a parent for most of my adult life. I have many people close to me who I meet that need with. I do, though, still imagine that I will one day adopt or have children, after the book writing madness has let me go. The Divine Mother has her own ideas about my creative output.


How did Soulshaping come about?

It was birthed in a soulnami of inner dimensions. I always knew I was going to write but I had much to do in the form of prep work first- Divine Preparation at the School of Heart Knocks. When the moment was right, it pushed through me like a torrent, demanding to be expressed.


What advice would you give a parent who is choosing to walk a conscious parenting path?

Do your own inner work. And do it often. Clear your own emotional debris. Learn your own projections and patterns. And continue to prioritize your quest for your own unique purpose. The more aligned you are with your own purpose, the more satisfied you will be when the kids demand your attention.

You never know when your soul is going to call out and draw you into choosing a more connected path. Walking your true path is not easy, but it is more rewarding than stumbling along.


Any suggestions for teens who are venturing out into the world? Tips on how to listen to their inner guidance, connect with their soulular phone?

Don’t let anyone else tell them who they are. Even well-intentioned advice givers cannot know anyone else’s unique path. Also, create space in your life for developing a relationship with your inner voice. The deeper you go, the higher you will climb later in life.


What was the publishing process like for you? Did you go the traditional or self-publishing route?

I turned down Eckhart Tolle’s original Power of Now publisher-Namaste- to self publish. I wanted the book produced on my terms. It then went wild, and I accepted an offer from North Atlantic Books the following spring.

How has social media helped with the launch of your book?

Facebook has been wonderful to me, a beautiful soulpod of support… Many there have helped to bring my voice to the world..


How important do you think it is for authors to use social media in connecting with their readers and promoting their material?

It is a beautiful way to connect, far easier than exhausting book tours, and essential in a time when publishers cannot afford to support their authors. Its social media, or bust.


I know I personally enjoy reading your Tweets and Facebook status updates.

Thank you. I enjoy writing them.


Do you handle all your social media activities or do you have a social media manager or assistant?

I have a brilliant assistant- Tarini- who handles twitter posts, and who does my videos and is helping with Soulshaping University. I handle all my own emails, preferring to keep it real in my connections with those who have been good enough to support me.


What’s the best way to follow and connect with you?

WWW.SOULSHAPING.COM and my fan page and groups on FB… which can be accessed on

Thank you so much Jeff Brown for sharing with us!

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Interview By Carol Lawrence


SoulShaping A Journey Of Self-Creation Review

Jeff Brown’s Soulshaping A journey of self-creation is a life changing soul-shifting journey of one mans metamorphosis. If your ready to excavate your inner caverns of self this book will guide you on your way.

Soulshaping is the optimal demonstration of walking one’s true path.

Jeff Brown summons the power of the explicable graphic dance between walking a disconnected path or choosing a soulshifting, life changing, conscious shaping path. He demonstrates the willingness and depth one must be willing to go through to unveil their soul, their purpose, their path.

Soulshaping encourages others to join in the transformation of spirit. Together we can change the collective consciousness by changing ourselves one person at a time.

Are you willing to dance with your inner calling?

Review by Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten

Join Carol & Stacy for a live author interactive online chat with Jeff Brown Tuesday evening on June 14th.

Read full review and live author chat details here!

I hope you enjoyed Jeff’s interview and review. Keep an eye out for upcoming author interviews,  live chat updates, social media tips and more.

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  1. Chris McCann
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    Great interview! 🙂

    I especially liked the part referring to teens (I’m 19 lol!)

    I will definitely have to check this book out! 😀

  2. Kimberlee Wilkes
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    Excellent interview. It is neat to see how an author uses social media tools to market themselves and their literary works.

  3. Carol
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    Chris this is a book that can completely shape the way you look at self-exploration. You’ll have a head start reading Jeff’s book at age 19. Let me know what you think after you read it.

    Kimberlee, Thanks! It’s important for authors to embrace the social media world. More and more publishers are wanting to know how are you going to help promote your book. Having a writer’s platform connected to social media is the perfect place to start.

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