Social Media Coach Carol Lawrence

Hi everyone, My name is Carol Lawrence. I’m the owner of Social Media Help 4 U. I am a Marketing Technical Virtual Assistant (V.A.), Social Media Strategist & Consultant.

I provide Social Media Management for authors, coaches, speakers, entrepreneurs and busy business owners of small and medium sized businesses. I work virtually from my home office in Montana, (USA). Don’t let my remoteness scare you. I train with the best in my field. I stay up to date on all the constant changes so you don’t have to.

I offer social media management, training, assessments, blog scheduling, strategy and one on one coaching.

I specialize in one to one and brand amplification. Sometimes a business is looking to hire a social media virtual assistant and sometimes they just need a little assistance getting them by until they fill an in house position. If you are looking to hire an in-house employee but haven’t found the right person, I offer three or six month amplification packages to fill in while you go through the hiring process. On the final month of our contract I can begin connecting with your new hire and training them for an additional fee.

I offer my clients an extra set of eyes, hands and ears. I assist in keeping their social media content active, listen for conversations about my clients and I’m here to help provide prompt customer service and responses. I encourage my clients to not take a back seat with their social media. I want them to lead the way, stay front and center through video and live streaming and let me help fill in the rest.

I know how important your online reputation is. I think about every post before I post it. I can assist with keeping your social media posts consistent, creating graphics and updating your content calendar. I can coordinate with you or one of your team members on a regular basis. I require a point of contact as I’m getting familiar with your online voice. Plus I would like you to keep me in the loop of upcoming events, special shows you are on, etc. Anything that I would need to know to keep your audience in the loop. I have clients that are fully involved and I have clients that are partially involved.


Maximize your online exposure. Reach Your Desired audience and increase your conversions with targeted ads! 


My services are for business owners who know the importance of social media and have a marketing budget.


Multiple packages to choose from that fits every budget. Hire someone you can trust! Contact Carol today! (Fill out contact form.)

Consulting by the hour or package is available for anyone who would like to learn how to do their social media effectively themselves. I have a lot of patience and no question is a dumb question.


Social Media Management packages may include: (Different sized packages have different upgrades and downgrades)

  • Creative content creation
  • Reliable, consistent posting
  • Content is King, Engagement is Queen. I engage with your audience helping to build the like, know and trust factor.
  • Brand Amplification
  • Reporting and stats on growth
  • Facebook ad set up with my small business package and pro package.
  • Contact through email and text as needed (Personalized service!)
  • Content strategy
  • Engagement
  • Customer Service
  • Reliability
  • Page Set Up
  • Facebook ad writing, ad set up and monitoring
  • Data mining – we’ll help you discover who your ideal client is, what platform you’ll find them on and how to market to them inexpensively
  • Management of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook ads, Yelp, blog scheduling and consulting.
  • We save you time. While you nurture your business we nurture your online presence!
  • Strategy Development
  • Social Media Strategy Implementation
  • Blog scheduling

Overwhelmed with keeping up with your customers on social media? Unsure on what to post? Falling behind in engagement? Help is just one click away.

Services offered: Social Media Management, Consulting, Training, Customer Service, Reputation Monitoring, Blog Scheduling Assessments & Personalized Strategies. (Free 15 minute consultation)

Amplify your brand, expand your audience, increase awareness, website traffic & Google rankings. Reputation monitoring & Customer service available.

Contact Carol today to learn more! Be sure to read the rest of this page for more details. Also double check your email and spam folder. I respond within 24-48 hours. Watch for an email from Be sure to include your phone number with the information you provide in the contact form. I’m looking forward to talking with you soon.


See my most popular package here! On a budget? Start here!


Your on the right track. Save yourself time. Refocus your time where you can be most effective in running your business. 


Bringing Carol on to help run our social media platforms was one of the best decisions we made for Carbon Flyer.  She is great at managing our Twitter and Facebook presence.

She helped us increase our following and generate more drone-related content to keep our fans engaged.  Carol is a pro at keeping us on top of our interactions with followers and media outlets.  She knows how to answer people’s questions, and always checks back with us for feedback to make sure our brand is well-represented. She has even suggested improvements, campaigns, and strategies we have put into place to help build up our following and increase our SEO.

You’re going to love working with her.

– Bret Gould

Co-Owner, Carbon Flyer

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* Licensed Independent Contractor. Contract provided for your peace of mind. Billed through Freshbooks for your record keeping. (Keep in mind most social media services are tax deductible. Check with your tax preparer for more details.)

Virtual Social Platform Building and Maintenance.

If you understand the importance of social media, have an advertising budget and are ready to hire someone you can trust you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need basic management of your social media profiles or full marketing management for your company we are here for you. Gone are the days of newspaper ads and commercials. Who wants to read a newspaper when you can find out the latest news instantaneously online? Who wants to watch a commercial when you can DVR your favorite programs and skip right to the best parts? It’s all about the blogosphere. You want to get in front of your audience? Then you have to get active online. You have to go where your customers are. This doesn’t mean completely abandon all your other techniques it just means that you need to allocate some of your advertising budget for social media expenses and ads. Why does your company need to take social media seriously? Social media extends your reach, helps you engage with your customers and builds your community. Consistent activity even shows up in the search engines! Start creating your ripple effect today.

Competition is stiff these days. If you want to stay “top of mind” you have to be very active and visible online. You can’t sway back and forth from being active to passive. If you are not in front of your target audience, your competition will be. The cool thing about social media is it’s an equal opportunity playground. No matter if you are a giant in the business or the little guy starting out. You have the ability to become front and center through creative thinking, time and continuous effort. It doesn’t usually happen over night. You have to be committed. If you are committed then I’m your gal. My team and I offer superb reliable honest service. You will not be disappointed!


While you nurture your business, We’ll nurture your online presence.

What happens next? After you submit your information through our contact form you will be contacted within 24 hours. Packages and prices will be sent to you. After package has been chosen we’ll send you a proposal/Engagement letter along with an intake form. Once payment has been made we begin building your online presence!

All fees are paid up front in one, three, six-month or one year packages.

Contact Carol today or schedule your consulting call to ensure availability!