Self Care Checklist


Downloadable Self Care List

Self Care is often put to the back of your to-do list.

Maybe it’s because you feel you are too busy or undeserving.

I want to help you change that. It’s time to prioritize you! You are worthy of being spoiled, nurtured and loved.

Sometimes self care comes in a variety of ways. It’s not always about a vacation or lavish trip to the spa. Sometimes its simply about making time to snuggle up with a cup of tea and a book you’ve been longing to read or maybe it’s finding a sitter for a few hours so you can go grab a cup of coffee with a friend.

To help you prioritize your self care, I’ve created a self care checklist to give you an abundance of ideas on how to treat yourself.

This original list is part of my online course Rekindle Your Inner Spark so it you already signed up for my course you should have access to download it already in the course modules.

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