Low content books are a hot commodity. What exactly are they? 

Coloring books

Activity books




How do you create them? You can use programs such as Word, Powerpoint, or Canva.

Why would you want to sell your books on Amazon? We all know they are a giant with lots of customers.

Their KDP program is a print-on-demand program making it easy for you to upload your book in PDF format, add a cover, and then list your book. Low content books are very popular.

I’ve jumped into this space in the past year myself. Here are some of the books I’ve published so far. My Dream Journal & Guidebook, My Dream Journal & Guidebook For Couples, My Abundance Journal, My Garden Planner & Logbook.

I’ll be adding more books soon as they are finished.

I’m even having My Dream Journal & Guidebook converted into digital format for the apps Notability, Goodnotes and Zodo! 

Where do you find content for your books?

Well, you can create it 100% from scratch or you can purchase PLR content made by PLR creators.

You purchase their templates, edit them adding your own pizazz and style, then save as a PDF and upload as a low content book on Amazon. 


Here are some resources for you. 

I want to make it easy for you to get started so I’m sharing some of my favorite PLR content providers. I am including my affiliate links so if you make a purchase I earn a commission.


Bookmark this page and keep checking back often. I’ll be adding lots more resources!


My First Resource Is ColorMePositivePLR 

Color Me Positive PLR


My Second Resource is PLR Of The Month Club