Rekindle Your Inner Spark Online Course

It Time To Prioritize You!

Are you burnt out on life right now?

Burnt out on your job?

Parenting? Uninspired?

Lost your creative mojo?


I get it. I’ve been there myself. That’s why I wanted to take all the knowledge and techniques that rekindled my inner fire and share them with you!








Together we’ll go step by step working through your burnout and create an action plan to Rekindle Your Inner Spark.

My easy to follow course is something you can do in a few hours or break it up over the course of a few days. My hope is you’ll settle down with your favorite beverage, journal, and create quiet time to spoil yourself.

Treat yourself and grab it at my launch price for only $47
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I Know What Burned Out Feels Like.

Luckily There's Ways To Work through It And Move Forward. 

Online course for increasing self care

Techniques, Mindset & Manifestation Tools Plus Energetic Tips To Guide You Back To Your Inner Spark.

Find YOU Again & Release Your Inner Passion!

An Online Course To Rekindle Your Inner Spark

Together We'll Put Together A Step By Step Action Plan For Prioritizing You So You Can Feel Replenished And Inspired Again! 

Enjoy my step by step course at your own pace.

Grab your favorite beverage, pen and journal and let's get started!

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Sunflower 2021 Digital Planner Sheets

Download, Print and Begin Using Today!

Downloadable Sunflower Planner CalendarSunflower Planner




Affirmation Planner

2021 Printable Affirmation Planner and Calendar. Includes Ten Additional Pages.

This colorful Affirmation planner features all 12 months of 2021 and includes 10 additional pages including; weekly plan, meal prep, journal page, important goals, Individual projects page, a self care checklist, monthly budget sheet and goal sheets for next year.




Downloadable Self Care List

Self Care Idea List.

Over 75 Ideas On How You Can Nurture Yourself. Download and Prioritize Your Self Care Starting Today!



Abundance journal cover

Abundance Journal And Tracker Downloadable Printable Pages.

Congratulations on prioritizing your manifestations of abundance.
Keeping track of all the delightful ways abundance flows to you is one way to invite more abundance into your life.

This delightful journal is full of affirmations, crystals, journaling pages and abundance trackers to support your journaling needs.

15 full pages to print plus a beautiful cover.

A variety of pages featuring journaling pages and four different abundance tracker templates. Print one or all and organize your Abundance tracking and Manifestation Goals!
Printable PDF
8.5 x 11

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Carol Lawrence Is A Best Selling Co-Author, Intuitive Coach, Small Business Owner And Conscious Parenting Mentor