Tinder App; Hookups Ruin Girls’ Self-Esteem


Guest Post: Tinder App; Hookups Ruin Girls’ Self-Esteem By Mary Jo Rapini Girls struggle emotionally when their romantic ideas involving a particular boy go astray. A new study reveals that for adolescent girls, having a romantic relationship that plays out … Read More

Mobile Detox: Get back your family time by guest author Amy Williams


Are mobile devices taking up too much of your family time? If you’re like countless families around the country, you’ve probably seen people pulling out electronic devices and tuning out the world around them, even during rare opportunities to see … Read More

Are You Too Focused on Money? By Chris Atley


I heard something interesting the other day, I think it was from Tony Robbins. He said money just magnifies who you are already. If you’re mean spirited, you will do more mean things. If you’re kind, you will do more … Read More

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