Basic social media management starter package

Your online presence speaks volumes about your company. Sometimes it’s the first thing your potential customer sees. Is your online presence lagging in activity? Unsure of what to post? No time to update your pages? We offer multiple social media management packages. Sign up today and order the package that best fits your needs.

Social Media Help 4 U Packages & Prices

On a budget? We have the perfect starter package for you.

Our Social Media Starter Package keeps you looking current and ready for business.

This is a supplemental package.

For example, if you have a Facebook page we keep it active for you but you should still check in and engage with your clients and live stream on a weekly basis. Live streaming is free and it’s the absolute best way to expand your reach on Facebook right now.

We will professionally manage your social media pages helping to increase engagement, amplify your brand and drive traffic to your website, landing pages, sales pages or products.

Starter Package. Basic management of one platform. $300 per month.

  • Management of one platform (One social media page. Choices include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Youtube)
  • Email Communication
  • Dedicated Support
  • 8 Posts Per Month On One Platform (Not including Twitter. Twitter comes with 20 Tweets per month)
  • Monthly basic email check-ins. 
  • Total price: $300.00


If you are looking for more than just someone to help keep your presence active take a look at our pro package. This package includes strategy and engagement.

Pro Social Media Small Business Package. $1,200 per month.

Professional Management of 3 profiles. This package is only for beginners or companies with smaller audiences. Once social media presence grows, there will be a price increase. (Under 100,000 followers)

Maintain THREE social media profiles of your choice (Choose between Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, A Facebook group and Twitter)

My client’s online reputation is always in the forefront of my mind. I treat my client’s accounts like they are my own!!

  • 7 Facebook updates per week (24 per month)
  • 1-2 Facebook ads set up and monitored each month. Ad budget paid by client 
  • 50 Tweets per month on Twitter Plus replies, @mentions, follow messages, customer service, monitoring and more
  • LinkedIn Pages/Profiles: Min 3 post per week, posting in groups and engagement
  • 1 G+ bonus post per week if you are on G+
  • Instagram: Min 4 post per week, engagement, audience building, driving traffic to a landing page, event, etc and some content creation
  • Pinterest: Min 3 original post per week and 6 re-post per week
  • Customer Service provided for your customers
  • Some graphic creation
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Customer interaction/engagement
  • A combination of live and scheduled posting.
  • Live reshares, follow ups and audience building
  • Generating inbound traffic
  • Email communication as needed
  • Monthly consulting call as needed
  • Monthly reporting
  • Engagement and strategy
  • Real Followers – No Fake Followers – Followers Related To You Niche
  • Targeted Facebook ads. Ad set up and monitoring.
  • Daily check in and engagement
  • Pay for three months up front and save $100

We keep you in the loop of what’s taking place on your page. We give you a heads up when a question requires your response, etc.

“Carol, The team and I were just wondering where you’ve been all of our lives!! Lol 
Thank you so much!! It’s not always easy to find people that instantly click with a vision and I can say I have truly been fortunate with those around me. You included. Lol. You seemed to get it from our first call.
Thank you again!”


Online presence maximized.

Again, this is a supplemental service. We highly recommend you take your online presence seriously and engage with your audience and live stream on Facebook at least once per week. They need to see the face behind your business. This builds the like, know and trust factor. 

If you need multiple social media pages managed and need blog scheduling please see our most popular package.

Click here to learn more about our Ultimate Biz Package. 

Let’s Get Started! Contact Carol Here!

How it works:

You and I get on a phone call to discuss your social media needs, decide on the best package that works for your business and budget. 

I then create you a proposal/contract. You sign and return proposal along with payment and sign in details and I’ll get started. 


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“Carol Lawrence has been helping The Parenting Place with our social media for the last 6+ months and WOW!! She is awesome! Social media, done right, is time-consuming! And it’s way more than just adding a post to your page every once in awhile………..

So, if you need assistance with social media, get in touch with Carol.” ~ Teresa Nygaard, Executive Director at The Parenting Place.

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