CBD Requirements for purchase

5 Recommended Requirements When Purchasing CBD


CBD is growing more and more in popularity every day. And with good reason.

For myself, personally I was astounded at how much different I feel when I take my favorite CBD tincture daily. Since CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation it makes sense that it naturally reduces pain caused by too much inflammation in the body. I also noticed it helped with my mood and for the first time in years, since I hit my 40’s I can sleep regularly at night now. After being immersed into the CBD industry for the past three years, I’ve learned many things. A few in particular is to be weary of too many health claims, and be picky about where your CBD products come from.

There are many types. Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and CBD Isolate. Typically Full Spectrum contains the full spectrum including some THC, determining if the full spectrum is from hemp or marijuana will help you know the THC amounts. Test results can confirm CBD and THC amounts per product. Broad Spectrum is a product that has gone through the process of removing remaining THC. A relatively new product on the market is Water Soluble, it’s made with an isolate which contains no THC. It’s actually one of my favorites since it’s so easily absorbed and mixes well in any kind of drink. No matter which kind you choose I hope you find my recommendations helpful.


Here are my 5 requirements I recommend when purchasing CBD

Quality – As with in any industry there are high quality and low quality products on the market. You don’t want to waste your money on a product that might not be good for you or may not even contain what the label claims. A recent Dr. Oz special noted that out of all the CBD products they tested only a few had the advertised amount of CBD actually in the bottle. Keep in mind just because a company might have a great advertising budget to get their product well known does not mean it’s a high quality product. You need to do a little research to make sure you are getting what you are paying for. A reputable product will have the ingredients clearly listed on the product or website. The amount of CBD included should be visible as well.

Third Party Testing – Any company who truly cares about their product will take the time and spend the money on third party testing. This is a telltale sign that they are legit. Results should be visible or accessible upon request. A lab report helps you confirm the product is safe and also helps you know the THC levels. There’s a big difference in CBD from hemp plants vs marijuana plants.

Support – When you are first experimenting with CBD it’s important to be able to have support in making informed choices on types of products and dosage. Many reputable companies provide a phone number to leave them a message so they can follow up with you, provide an email or even offer a chat box on their website for an easy way to inquire and learn more about their products. I encourage you to reach out to learn more. Be sure to ask where they source their ingredients from.

Product Pricing – Keep in mind just because a products price may be cheaper doesn’t mean you are ingesting a good high quality product. There are many things that companies have to take into account when pricing their products. Are they using more expensive high quality ingredients vs cheaper ones? For example, is the product you are inquiring about flavored with cheap artificial flavors or real food grade essential oils? Are the plants from sustainable farms? Organic? Does the product contain the advertised amount of CBD? Is it made locally or shipped in?

Conscious Business – These days when I’m shopping I’m on the look out for supporting companies who care! The ones who care about the environment, care about their customers (you are not a number, don’t let them treat you like one) and that care about humanity. There’s usually some kind of indication on their website or through their customer service that helps you weed them out.


Bottom line. CBD has many benefits. I encourage you to learn more about the wonderful results people are having by adding CBD into their daily health regime. 

I fully believe that we should have the right to choose what we put in our bodies. Choosing the right kind of CBD for you is just as important as choosing the kinds of foods you are going to put into your body. No matter what company you shop with, do your research and ask questions. 


Carol Lawrence is the Operations and Customer Service Manager at Sunshine Marketplace, a Health and Wellness Company. (Save 10% on every order with coupon code Carol10)
She loves infusing herself with the mountains, playing in nature, helping people find calmness and inner peace, teaching people about cbd, blogging and writing her parenting and children’s books. She resides in the mountains with her husband of 33 years, fur babies and is very active in the lives of her two granddaughters.


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Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor, lawyer, or interpreter of the law. My recommendations are formed by my own experience and research. Please don’t take any opinions in this article or linked websites as fact or advice but rather as information to help you make the best decision for you.

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