Twenty Tips For Acquiring More Facebook Fan Page Fans.

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1. Stay active on your Facebook Fan Page. Post at least two to four status updates a day.

2. Interact with your readers. Invite them to share their events and articles that would be interesting to your audience on your page.

3. Post links that your audience would be interested in from other people’s articles, events, pages.

4. Ask questions pertaining to your audience. One of my blogs is about parenting so I might ask.
My nightly bedtime routine with my child is ________?
My child’s favorite book to read is ____?

5. Respond to your readers, if they ask you a question answer them. Show up and let them know you are paying attention and appreciate their engagement on Facebook.

6. Invite people to join your page on Twitter, your blogs, websites. If you’re a mom, join Social Moms or Mom Bloggers Club. Check out The blogfrog, join a few communities related to your niche or create your own blogfrog community. If you’re a parent be sure to check out my Intentional Conscious Parenting Community. The Blogfrog has nature, pet, money, military, social media and many other kinds of communities. Be sure to introduce yourself around the different communities, share your links and consider starting your own community. Communities can be monetized and linked to your blog. Also every time you join a community, your latest blog post will rotate along with the newest posts of the other community members. The Blogfrog has over 60,000 members and is growing like wildfire every day. Hop on over and check it out.

7. Share content from your news feed, YouTube video channel or someone else’s channel that pertains to your audience.

8. Show your creative side and announce special days: Brag about your blog day, Toot your own horn Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday (show off a picture), Fabulous Fan Page Friday. Encourage readers/fans to share links to their blogs and check out some new blogs and Facebook Fan Pages to follow.

9. Host an online chat or join an online chat. There are chats taking place all the time at The blogfrog. My next live author chat will be with Jeff Brown about his book Soulshaping: A Journey of Self-Creation“>. Join in a live chat and ask if you can share your links.

10. Host a giveaway with branded merchandise.

11. Broadcast a newsletter that includes your Facebook fan page link. Google friend connect offers a free newsletter service.

12. Include Facebook in all your marketing, email signatures.

13. Create an ad using Facebook adds.

14. Use application for polls, contests and more.

15. Create and share an event from your page.

16. Share your Facebook Fan page with your email contacts.

17. If you are an author, create an author profile on and add your Facebook Fan page to your profile.

18. Create an online business card with

19. Add the Facebook Fan Page Twitter Application.

20. Find people with the Facebook search bar.

5 Responses

  1. Leigh
    | Reply

    Great ideas. Some of these I use and others are gems I look forward to integrating!

    I know people who use Google Friend connect for email. I use Mail Chimp for email newsletters. It works well too.

    And blogfrog is very dynamic. Lots going on there!

    Thanks Carol!

  2. Carol,
    It’s a pleasure to meet you. You’ve given us some great tips here. I’m going to be adding some of the ones you suggest that I don’t already do. Thank you~

  3. Carol Lawrence
    | Reply

    Hi Leigh and Angela. I admire how you both use intuition with your writing and on your blogs. Thank you for stopping bye.

  4. Cory
    | Reply

    Great tips! I’d add a few more.

    1. Use a custom fan page banner design. See for some ideas.
    2. Use a welcome tab on your fan page too.

    • Carol Lawrence
      | Reply

      Great idea Cory, i’ll have to work on the next twenty-tips.

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