5 Tips to Optimize Your Pinterest Profile.


Hi everyone, I’m embracing live streaming on Facebook and wanted to do a short live stream to say hello and teach you 5 Tips to Optimize Your Pinterest Profile. Go to my Pinterest page to see what a Showcase looks … Read More

In The Middle Of Puppy Bliss! A Day In The Life Of A Social Media Manager.


This is our handsome son Tony. Him and his girlfriend Ashley recently got a new puppy. His name is Roland. If you are a Stephen King fan you know where the name comes from. Roland is a sweetheart! He’s a papered … Read More

Keep Your Facebook Page From Shrinking


“Keep your Facebook Fanpage above water…be authentic, be a leader and listen to what your audience is talking about, then engage.” ~ Carol Lawrence So you created a Facebook page and now it just sits there. No one comments, likes … Read More

A Day In The Life Of A Social Media Manager ~ Celebrating Turning 45!


Life has been moving along at full speed. Luckily there are special times in our lives that help us to take time to smell the roses. My 45th birthday was one of those times. There’s nothing I love more than … Read More

Balancing & Grounding In Nature To Prepare For Partial #Hysterectomy


  This article is for those who have been following my path of possible surgery for a partial hysterectomy. As many of you know i’m preparing for surgery soon. I’ve had many private emails and Facebook discussions. None of this … Read More

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