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  • Retailers, It’s Not Too Late – Take Advantage Of The Holiday Sales Season Now!

    Posted on December 3rd, 2013 Carol Lawrence No comments

    Blitzen Reindeer from the Patience Brewster Collection available at Christmas Night Inc.

    It’s no secret the stores who know how to market their products online are winning the sales game. There is stiff competition to get your products seen in a world that is saturated with content, especially content for sale. It’s not just about having your product for sale online but it’s also about being prepared for the mobile shoppers. It’s always better to have a marketing plan and prepare for the holiday season ahead of time but even though December is here it is not too late to take advantage of the holiday sales season.

    Here are a few tips to get you started. 

    1. Blog about specific products & why you like them. Be sure to provide a “buy now” tab. If you do not have a shopping cart system or are just starting out you can add a buy now button with PayPal. Be sure you have clear descriptions and photos on every post if you want to make your products and posts “pinnable” on Pinterest!

    2. If your website is not mobile friendly begin the process of transformation by hiring someone who can help your website convert into more sales. Darrell Ritchie can help you get started. He also builds custom mobile business apps.

    3. Send out newsletters regularly.  If you haven’t been sending them regularly in the past now is a good time to start. Don’t overload your reader with daily emails but consider sending an email as soon as possible and following up with a final sales push email the following week. Share a tip, holiday recipe, something fun and enticing, then highlight a product or service you are selling. If you are a full blown online store then your audience is expecting to see what’s for sale this season.

    4. Make use of all the social media sites you are active on. Come on over and share your store on my Facebook page. Be sure to mention this blog post when you share your store on my Facebook page to avoid deletion.   Ideas to share are holiday recipes, highlighted products, holiday related articles and more. Distasteful, rude or hate related content will be automatically deleted.

    5. Make sure your website has sharing buttons so customers can easily share their favorite items. If you are an online store be sure to have a visible Pinterest share button. For example take a look at this Penguin, Christmas Night Inc has listed for sale. Notice the share buttons next to the description.? With a click of a button I can share this realistic plush penguin set with my friends.

    6. If you have a retail brick and mortar store, engage your customers by offering an on the spot discount. To receive the discount have them Tweet or Facebook about a product, offer or discount while they are at your store. Have them do this while checking out. To avoid long lines set up a special social media station to guide them through the process, then provide them with a 10% off coupon redeemable during check out or with their next shopping visit. Most people who have smart phones are very mobile savvy and can easily Tweet or Fb from their phone within a matter of a few minutes. Ask them to like and tag your page.

    7. Use popular hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+. Hashtags are words with the # symbol in front of them. They are used to identify messages on a specific topic. Popular holiday sale hashtags are #holiday #onlinesale #freeshipping (only use this one if you really are offering free shipping) #holidays2013 #shopping #xmasgifts #onlineshopping and of course if you have a personalized hashtag your audience follows you by be sure to include it. Example: here is my hashtag I include with some of my Tweets #socialmediahelp4u

    Plan ahead next year and use #blackfriday and #cybermonday.

    Here are some example Tweets/Facebook updates:

    Tweet for an online retailer.

    Holiday decorating ideas for home, business, mall or church #ChristmasNightInc #SaintFrancisGarden #Socialmediahelp4u

    Tweet for an author.

    A gift for the mind, body, & spirit  #holidaygifts #onlineshopping #MindBodySpirit #energycoach #books

    Tip: Shorten your urls with Bitly or Hootsuite.

    8. Do you have a giant to-do list? Feeling overwhelmed? Hire some help. There are many virtual assistants around the country more than willing to help you complete your tasks. Need help boosting your online presence? Social Media Help 4 U is offering a one time trial at a huge savings. Contact Carol for full details. To qualify for our HUGE discount you must have an established website full of content or products and be willing to budget for Facebook ads.

    For more holiday marketing tips check out this detailed slide show from Hubspot.

    47 Stats for Remarkable Holiday Marketing

    Wishing you a prosperous holiday season full of joy, much love and most of all FUN! Enjoy the season!
    Much love, Carol