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  • How To Begin Your New Career Working From Home.

    Posted on January 2nd, 2014 Carol Lawrence 1 comment
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    I often get asked how I began working from home. How did I transition from being a full-time caregiver to a completely different field like social media?

    Here is how it all began. Four almost five years ago my best friend and I Stacy began writing our first children’s picture book. As this process progressed we realized we needed to learn more about online marketing and building an audience. You don’t wait until after your book is published to begin creating an online community. You do it ahead of time so when your products and books are ready your audience is already familiar with what you write and talk about. When you have grown a connection with your audience they are actually excited to see your new creation and support your endeavors.

    We began working on our authors’ platform. We started with a blog – Intentional Conscious Parenting. Almost immediately authors in the conscious parenting field began searching us out and asking if we could share their books and guest blog posts. We’ve always enjoyed helping parents and people and immediately said yes. Two of the authors that were featured on our blog, Tweeted about and were a part of our live author chats went onto win the Nautilus Gold and Silver book awards that year. Through-out this process these authors began to prompt me to offer social media services for a living. I didn’t even know there was a budding career in this field at the time. I did some research, took some amazing courses and got to work rebranding myself and creating my Social Media Help 4 U business. Over the past two years I’ve taken on 5 full-time clients and have provided consultations for hundreds of business owners who haven’t quite grasped the online world. My clients are a combination of authors, Dr.’s, small and large business owners. I’ve even added to my team. Yeah!

    One thing I’m regularly asked is what steps a person can take to begin working from home? Where do they begin? What kind of jobs are there available for virtual assistants? Is this a good way for a stay at home parent to bring in some extra income?

    I am currently writing an ebook on this but due to time constraints it’s taken me a bit longer to get it done that I originally planned. So here’s what i’m offering.

    My 45 Minute Consultation for only $50 provides you with the steps you need to take to begin working from home. I’ll even provide you places to find work. If I can do this so can you. If you have a strong desire to work hard, get organized and create a new career path then you need a consult with me. I want to help you! ~ Carol Lawrence

    This is a limited time offer.  Reserve your call today!

    Of course I’m still available for small business social media consulting as well.My team and I are expanding and taking on five dedicated business owners. If you are ready to expand your online presence, engage with our audience, increase your sales and have a marketing budget contact Carol for more details! (

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