Gmail Updates That Will Effect Your Business

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Have you heard the news? Gmail created a new email feature that automatically filters messages. (Even if you haven’t seen this feature yet, sooner or later all Gmail users will automatically have it) For example – until now, everything was categorized how you wanted it. Gmail has decided to put on a new feature that filters your email. So what this means is if you use Gmail or your customers use Gmail they may be missing your important updates. Take back your inbox! Be sure to let your customers know how they can receive your emails. 
Just above your inbox, Gmail will put your emails into 5 categories: 

  1. Primary
  2. Social
  3. Promotions
  4. Updates
  5. Forums

As long as your favorite messages are in “Promotions” – you won’t see them. Because “Promotions” skips your inbox. 

How To Take Back Your Inbox: 

Here are the 2 steps:

  1. Find one of your favorite emails you receive in “Promotions” and drag it into “Primary” category. 
  2. A pop-up will appear to ask if you want to do this for all future messages and click “Yes”.

That’s it – now you’re all set – Gmail knows you are friends! 

Here’s a final tip if you’d like to totally get rid of this new feature. 

Go to “Settings” [the icon on the top right corner of your screen above your inbox] and select “settings.” 

Click on the “Inbox” tab and “Unselect” all categories but “Primary” and then click “Save Changes.”)  And that is it – your work is done. 


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