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  • Facebook Is Cleaning Up The News feed.

    Posted on April 15th, 2014 Carol Lawrence No comments

    the correct newsfeed meme

    Facebook made a recent announcement. They are cleaning up the news feed. Page owners need to be aware of the three most recent changes.

    “The goal of News Feed is to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time so they don’t miss the stories that are important and relevant to them.” Erich Owens & Chris Turitzin

    Three changes you need to know about.

    1. The days of asking your fans to share, like and comment on your page are over. This is considered Like-baiting. It’s okay to genuinely encourage discussion just don’t blatantly ask for it, especially over and over. For example: There are some pages that will share a sad picture of a child who survived cancer and ask the viewers to like their page in support for the child. The child has nothing to do with their page. It’s a random picture they took off the internet to bait people to like their content.

    2.  Facebook is encouraging new content. They don’t want to see pages uploading the same content over and over again. Repeated content is less relevant and has generated complaints.

    3. No spammy links. This fits into ethical business and authentic business. Never share content about something in particular and slip in a spammy link to somewhere totally irrelevant to your update. Unethical page owners frequently try and get people to click through to a website that contains only ads.

    So is the old saying, “Content is King” making a come back? Content obviously matters. Fresh content that is.


    Social Media Help 4 U is a virtual based business that supports authors and businesses based on integrity. Social Media Help 4 U offers conscious based business services, providing intuitive and skill based social media management, product reviews & consulting. Carol and her team manage social media accounts. They assist their clients in building their online presence, engagement and connections with like minded people, customers and clients. They are fully aware that their clients online reputation is at stake. With the values of integrity, honesty and dependability being their top priority.
  • Looking For A Brand Ambassador?

    Posted on April 2nd, 2014 Carol Lawrence No comments

    Looking for a Brand Ambassador? Do you have a brand new product you want to share with the world?

    A brand ambassador walks and talks your product! They share it on their website and social sites helping you expand your brand. They share how great your product is by word-of-mouth. How would you like to see a nice write up about your product? See Tweets floating around Twitter? Your product showing up in the search engines due to exposure on Facebook? How about getting it noticed on the fast moving visually appealing platform called Pinterest? We can help you do this!
    We love trying out new things and new products.
    The types of products we prefer to review:
    • Outdoor products related to camping, fishing, hiking, gardening or sustainable living.
    • Parenting products. Conscious parenting products may be shared on Carol’s other blog Intentional Conscious Parenting
    • Pet products. We currently have two dogs and two cats and are proud grandparents of a sweet little puppy named Roland.
    • Randy is open to reviewing items related to survival and the Zombie Apocalypse!
    • Social media related products.
    • Products that assist small business owners in growing their business.
    • We are open to other ideas!
    • This is a limited service depending on the product and time available.
    Honesty matters! If your product stinks we honestly can’t promote it and won’t write a review. We’d rather not say anything at all because we are not a fan of negativity, especially online. Negative feedback can hurt a companies reputation. We’d rather share with you how we think you can make it better.
    We’ll provide honest feedback on what we love about your product and where the customer can go to purchase it. 
    The online world is congested. Everyone is online now. To bring your product front and center you need help getting the word out.
    If your product is great we’ll shout it from the roof tops how awesome it is!!
    If you would like Randy and I to review a product of yours and share our review with our entire audience through our blog, newsletter and all our social sites send us an email carol@socialmediahelp4u.com to discuss collaboration!
    Ready to hire a social media manager to grow your online presence? Get your products seen? Take a look at our packages and prices! Custom packages available as well.

    Social Media Help 4 U is a virtual based business that supports authors and businesses based on integrity. Social Media Help 4 U offers conscious based business services, providing intuitive and skill based social media management, product reviews & consulting. Carol and her team manage social media accounts. They assist their clients in building their online presence, engagement and connections with like minded people, customers and clients. They are fully aware that their clients online reputation is at stake. With the values of integrity, honesty and dependability being their top priority.

  • Quality Vs. Quantity – Getting Your Content Seen On The #5 Tech Company In The World!

    Posted on March 14th, 2014 Carol Lawrence No comments

    facebook engagement meme

    Are you taking the necessary steps required to raise your bottom line? Let’s face it the real reason majority of marketers are utilizing social media is the bottom line. Sales! If you are not taking advantage of the benefits of Facebook, the #5 tech company in the world your missing out! But here’s the catch. The quality of your social audience is more important than the quantity. The more engaged your audience is the more likely they are to convert! But does that happen overnight or is there a gestation phase?

    Users are savvy, sure you have your impulse buyers but for the most part users are getting pickier. They are bombarded by sales pitches and buy it now promises all day long. Think about it. How many sales pitches do you skip over every day while tooling around Facebook or your favorite social media watering hole?

    As Facebook and other social media platforms become more and more pay to play you have to focus on a variety of ways to grow your audience, your customer base. The importance of relationship building and engagement are more critical to business growth than ever before. People are engaging and following brands and companies that make them feel good and provide something they need! They are also relying on word of mouth recommendations from friends, family and their online communities more than ever.  It’s quick and easy to pick up a smart phone or connect through a smart TV, click on the Facebook app and tell the world your washing machine just broke and sprung a leak all over the laundry room floor. In the same message you’ll ask. “Who do you recommend?” Within seconds your peers are replying back and forth with their advice and recommendations.

    In the world of immediate gratification it’s not about how many “fans” or customers you have it’s about how much they like you as a brand and company. I’m not saying having a large audience is not important. Obviously the more people you can pitch to the more sales you are going to make. I’m saying you need real followers, not generated numbers or fans that could care less what your company is about. You don’t want someone liking your Facebook page in hopes of winning an iPad if they are not truly interested in what you offer.  So what do you do?

    You do need to diversify your company online but at the same time you don’t want to spread yourself to thin. Facebook is the priority place to be but be sure to consider other places such as Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. If you have a variety of products and merchandise Pinterest is an amazing opportunity for all the visual shoppers. Instagram is hugely popular with the younger audience and gaining speed with online retailers. I suspect since Facebook purchased Instagram there will be more of some kind of merging in the future with ads or apps. But for now we are going to focus on Facebook.

    Here are tangible tools to increase engagement and begin growing your Facebook customer base now.

    • Get active online! What’s the point of having a Facebook Business page if you are not going to do anything with it? It’s terrible when you are tooling around on a webpage and when you click on their Facebook link it either goes to their personal page which is a big no-no or it goes to their business page that hasn’t been updated in months. You start to wonder if anybody is really behind the scenes? Where’s their customer service? Keep in mind some people prefer to follow their favorite brands through Fb, Twitter, Pinterest, etc instead of having to opt-in to another email list.
    • Post content regularly, daily! If not daily a minimum of five days per week. The old rules of twice a week are gone! Your page will never be seen with such limited activity. Two or more posts per day are recommended. Some of the top marketers in the world post several times per day. If you really want to see immediate growth post once an hour for 12 hours.
    • Hire help. Take Facebook seriously. Hire a social media manager or a VA to help schedule content, keep an eye on your page for spam, activity that requires immediate attention. Having extra eyes on your page helps take stress off of you and can prevent a catastrophe in the making. Have your hired help schedule the basic stuff such as products, sales, business info, memes, etc. Then your job is to hop online and add in the fun stuff.
    • Spread your updates out. The last thing you want to do is bombard the feed with your updates all back to back. Each update has a lifespan of around three hours. This is why it’s becoming more and more important to bump up your Facebook activity.
    • Check your “insights” in your admin panel. This data will show you what posts are popular, who visits your page, what time they visit and more. Pay attention to this and adjust accordingly. Learn when your audience is online. This is when you want to spend your live time online. Is your audience parents who are on in the morning or in the late evening after the kids are settled into bed? Get to know your audience.
    • Serious business owners know they must have an advertising budget. They’ve paid for radio ads, newspaper ads, banner ads, adwords ads but still many are not taking Facebook ads seriously. Begin by creating a FB ad for your page ASAP. The right ads directed towards your “desired” audience can immediately begin to get your business in front of new eyeballs. If you are unclear how to do this hire someone to help you. An ad budget as small as $10 a day will begin yielding results. Fast company reports Facebook is the #1 platform for social media sales. 
    • Build your fan-base, work on creating ongoing relationships then work on your sales pitch. One out of every seven posts can be sales related. The exception to the rule is if you are an online retail store. Your customers know you sale merchandise and they want to see it.
    • Content – The quality of your content is vitally important to your online growth. If no one likes what you are sharing they won’t give you any love. No comment, no likes, no shares. Keep in mind, every time someone likes, comments or shares your content it’s bumped back into the newsfeed again giving it more exposure.
    • It’s trial and error. Keep sharing a variety of posts. Facebook changes the rules so often you need to be diversified with your updates. One week a quote might gain activity, the next a meme.
    • Use larger photos. Experiment using multiple photos when you can. If you sell a product take photos from different angles. On some of the pages I manage updates with 2-5 photos draw more attention. This could be because Facebook gives it more attention or it could be because photos grab the reader visually and it catches their attention easier.
    • The companies who’s audience talks back receives more play. Ask questions to give your audience a chance to reply back to you.
    • Share a variety of content. Pay attention to what your audience gravitates to. Are there certain products they like more? Do they respond to questions or fill in blank updates? Maybe they prefer visual stimuli and prefer photos or memes. The funny thing is people are wanting to see the more human side of the companies they follow. Find ways to show them this side of your business. They are making more conscious based decisions. Does your company support a specific charity? Give back locally? Share it! Do you really care if your product provides them value? Express it. Don’t fake it, they’ll know if you are authentic or not.
    • Now here’s the most important tool to add to your social media toolbox. You have to talk back. You’re working hard running ads, posting regularly don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers. You must engage. Build those relationships. It’s ok to schedule some of your updates but you must all participate live to get the best results.

    Carol and cake






    Carol Lawrence is a social media marketing expert who teaches busy business owners how to become well-known and boost their brand online through the use of social media. She is the creator of Social Media Help 4 U and offers high end social media management services. If you are a company who has an advertising budget and you are ready to rock it in the social media world contact her today!

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  • Five Steps You Can Take Right Now To Grow Your Facebook Presence.

    Posted on February 9th, 2014 Carol Lawrence No comments

    link fb page to profile

    Sign up for my monthly Ezine and receive two free gifts! 

    Five Steps You Can Take Right Now To Grow Your Facebook Presence and 25 Twitter Tips For Growing Your Business.

  • Discern What Marketing Methods Are The Best Fit For Your Business

    Posted on January 17th, 2014 Carol Lawrence No comments

    road to success smh4u

    Do you feel overwhelmed by all the responsibility of running your own business? Your just not sure what is the best direction for you to take in your business? Unclear of what ways to market your business? Relax your not alone. Every business, especially budding entrepreneurs go through a learning curve. Once you put your business foundation in place, get the basics set up, then it’s time to move into marketing your message. There are so many ways to get the attention of your desired customers, but what is the best way for you?

    You may be an introvert or an extrovert. Different types of people require different types of strategies. Sometimes you may feel stuck, lack energy or are just plain unmotivated. So what do you do? First of all pause and take a breath. Pat yourself on the back for making it this far. Ask yourself if you still feel inspired about what you are doing. Did you begin your entrepreneurial path because of necessity? I highly doubt it. It most likely began out of passion. Entrepreneurs know starting a new business is a gamble and a lot of hard work. If you don’t feel passionate about what you are doing you’ll burn out and your business won’t last. Sometimes just taking a walk, listening to some motivational podcasts or reading a book will put the “in” back into your inspiration.

    One thing that has really stood out to me this past year is that the really good successful marketers have been working on their businesses a long time. It may look like they succeeded overnight but when you ask them or dig through their content you’ll see they’ve been consistent and worked at it for 5-10 years or even more.

    So after you get your oomph back how do you figure out what is the best strategy and marketing method for you? Let’s explore some different business leaders and their methods so you can see if anyone of them resonate with you. First of all I’d like to clarify I’m providing different examples for you based on my observations so you can find the best mentor for you in your business.  When you find a mentor in business. Follow them, read their blog posts, and learn everything that you can from them, just be sure to use your own voice. Don’t be them, be yourself.

    The Marketing Introvert:

    Are you an introvert, dislike networking and feel very vulnerable in the world. Don’t worry there are marketers just like you who are reaching new heights and achieving great success. One of those marketers is Leonie Dawson. She’s a self-proclaimed introvert who lives in Australia and is completely rocking it in her business by simply being herself. She creates business products for her goddess community. She’s very good at giving herself boundaries, sticking to her writing/work time and relying on her team. Leonie’s business has been built up over several years. She adds new products to her inventory every year for her membership community. She stays really connected with her audience through blogging, newsletters and social media. She resonates and has a strong bond with mothers and women. Leonie provides all her products including new releases through her paid goddess community.

    “Do what you can. Make it good. Then do it again and again. That’s the secret to success.” ~ Leonie Dawson

    The Marketing Extrovert: 

    You see them. The one’s on stage shouting from the rooftops all about their message. They are empowering and really good at what they do. They love being in the limelight. Some may have been introverts but some how they managed to pull out the extrovert side of themselves and it’s working. Working really well. They exude confidence. An example of this would be Suzanne Evans. She says it like it is. She doesn’t hold anything back. She likes to have fun, and she’s not afraid to share her fun with you. She does a lot of public speaking and live webinars to reach her audience. She’s also an author. Suzanne offers many training products you can purchase through her website.

    “You can’t NOT make money doing something you love.” ~ Suzanne Evans

    These three ladies are soft spoken but very powerful business leaders and could fit in both categories. 

    Fabienne Fredrickson specializes in client attraction. Helping you find your next client. Fabienne hosts live in person masterminds and live webinars though-out the year. She also connects with her followers through her Play Big Master Class podcasts, consistent blog posts, newsletters and is very, very active on social media. Fabienne works with high end clients but offers numerous resources on her website.

    To break through and advance quickly in business, you must shift the internal mindset barriers currently holding you back.” ~ Fabienne Fredrickson

    Ali Brown is considered the voice for women’s entrepreneurial success. Ali started her business 11 years ago from her New York apartment. She now lives with her husband & twins in Arizona. She does live webinars, is very consistent with her blogging, newsletters and is another marketer who is very active online. Ali offers VIP high end consulting and also has lot’s of resources on her website.

    “In the world of marketing, your first impression – your headline – can lead to either sales success…or failure.” ~ Ali Brown

    Maureen Simon is the founder of The Essential Feminine Company™ (TEF)-a lifestyle and business design company that supports women to create successful powerful lives that incorporates their feminine attributes and gifts. Her company provides learning environments and products that support women in claiming, living and leading with their natural strengths and talents. Maureen works with her clients one on one through consulting and through occasional courses. She teaches women how to succeed in their lives, especially how to soar their businesses to new heights. She’s great at helping you break your glass ceiling. Maureen keeps in contact with her audience through monthly newsletters, social media and occasional webinars. Her newest webinar, How to Earn What You’re Worth ~ Six Steps to Doubling Your Income Within a Year is now open for registration. This is a free event. Full disclosure: Maureen is a client of mine.

    What do all these fine ladies have in common? They have a team! They don’t try and do it all themselves. They incorporate fun into running their businesses and they are good at setting clear boundaries while working on ideas and projects that bring them success.

    I hope this breakdown helped you see the different ways these ladies have used marketing to reach their audience. Maybe one of these wonderful ladies who have inspired me greatly are the perfect fit for helping you grow your business or break your financial ceiling. Maybe it’s time to break past the $100,000 or million dollar mark. High end consultants are perfect for helping you break through.

    Maybe you are just starting out and are looking for some basic how to instructions to get started. Have you always dreamed of working from home but are unclear how to even begin? This is my expertise and I’d love to spend 45 minutes with you showing you exactly what I did to create my online business and fulfill my dream working from home. For a limited time I’m offering you a 45 minute session at an extremely affordable price. Offer and price are limited to the first 10 who sign up. I know if you are just starting out it’s very likely your budget is limited. Like you i’m busy, i’m a business owner who values her time. But through helping my clients over the past few years one thing that comes up over and over again from parents &  emails from followers is this question… “How do I begin my online career and find real work at home opportunities?” If this topic interests you then take advantage of my limited offer. You can see at all the details here!





    Social Media Help 4 U is a virtual based business that supports authors, businesses and corporations based on integrity. Social Media Help 4 U offers conscious based business services, providing intuitive and skill based social media management. Carol and her team manage social media accounts. They assist their clients in building their online presence, engagement and connections with like minded people, customers and clients. They are fully aware that their clients online reputation is at stake. With the values of integrity, honesty and dependability being their top priority. For positive support, business, social media & author tips join Carol on Facebook.

    Are you a business who has been looking for help with your social media but you are unclear where to begin? Contact Carol today for our beginning of the year special. Available to very committed businesses. Services and contact info here.




  • How To Link Your Facebook Profile To Your Facebook Business Page.

    Posted on January 14th, 2014 Carol Lawrence No comments


    link fb page to profile







    Have you linked your Facebook business page to your Facebook profile page yet?

    Go to your profile, and on your timeline cover image, click on, “Update Info.”

    In the box that says “Where have you worked?” type in the name of your Facebook Page.

    As you type in the name of your page, you’ll likely see several pages that will pop up. Click on your page to select it.

    Add in your details; position, description, etc.

    Leave the box, “I currently work here” checked and click on “add job.”

    On the little “earth tab” next to your work description, click the down arrow, set on public if you want more exposure for your page. Now refresh your page. Look under your timeline cover and in your about section there should be a clickable link to your page.








    Social Media Help 4 U is a virtual based business that supports authors, businesses and corporations based on integrity.  Social Media Help 4 U offers conscious based business services, providing intuitive and skill based social media management & consulting. Carol and her team manage social media accounts. They assist their clients in building their online presence, engagement and connections with like minded people, customers and clients. They are fully aware that their clients online reputation is at stake. With the values of integrity, honesty and dependability being their top priority.

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  • My Favorite Top 10 Podcasts To Feed My Body, Mind & Business Mindset!

    Posted on January 7th, 2014 Carol Lawrence No comments


    Do you have favorite Podcasts you like to listen to? Podcasts that motivate you? Inspire you? Podcasts that feed your soul? Podcasts that expand your business knowledge and encourage you to follow your dreams? I do and I’m going to share them with you. 

    Here are my favorite top 10 Podcasts shows. 

    1. The School of Greatness By Lewis Howes: Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Author, Former Pro Athlete

    2. Business Rockstars. A focus on entrepreneurial business.

    3. Entrepreneur On Fire – Daily interviews with today’s most successful and inspiring Entrepreneurs. 

    4. Social Geek Radio – Get in touch with your inner geek!

    5. Play Big Master Class with Fabienne Fredrickson. Step outside your existing comfort zone.

    6. Smart Passive Income. 

    7. A Real Change with Sandi Krawkoski. The old podcasts are worth listening to. You can catch all of Sandi’s new content on A Real Change TV.

    8. The Entrepreneurs Radio Show.

    9. Marketing Over Coffee.

    10. Street Smart Wealth at Home with Jackie Ulmer 

    bee-lieve in yourself sm meme


    Do you have a favorite podcast or radio show you like to listen to? Are you an author and looking to expand your audience, consider being a guest on a radio show. Visit my radio shows for authors page for a listing of possible ideas. Like what you see? Please share my blog with your friends. Thanks for reading my blog. I appreciate you and the journey you are on. Join me on Facebook and Twitter.  Are you a parent? I invite you to check out my co-authored Intentional Conscious Parenting blog. Business blessings, Carol Lawrence


  • Stop Your Facebook Page From Sinking And Our End Of The Year Special Offer.

    Posted on December 19th, 2013 Carol Lawrence No comments

    “Keep your Facebook Fanpage above water…be authentic, be a leader and listen to what your audience is talking about, then engage.” ~ Carol Lawrence

    facebook engagement meme

    So you created a Facebook page and now it just sits there. No one comments, likes or shares your stuff. Why? For one thing it’s possible you do not have enough valuable content to share and two you aren’t engaging with your desired audience. The third possible reason is your audience doesn’t even know you exist. Trust me your audience is online and most likely on Facebook, unless you are a jewelry or clothes maker for 10 year old girls then you should be on Instagram. Facebook is like a party. If you go and sit in the corner not wanting to be noticed by anyone chances are everyone will leave you alone. On the other hand if you go to the party looking to connect with old friends, meet new friends and catch up on all the latest news, ready to mingle and have fun you’ll be noticed.  Facebook is reciprocal. People notice who is talking to them, commenting on their updates, sharing their content and overall who is noticing them online. You can’t just expect to post something cool and have it go viral or be seen by everyone. You have to get active, and get serious about growing your page. Don’t pay for “fake” likes this in the end will set you back. You want to grow a loyal audience who truly desires to know what you are all about. A few other Facebook tidbits. Keep in mind Facebook gives attention to pages that pay. Read the rest of this entry »

  • Book Review: Likeable Leadership: A Collection of 65+ Inspirational Stories on Marketing, Your Career, Social Media & More

    Posted on December 17th, 2013 Carol Lawrence No comments


    Dave Kerpen quote













    I’ve been a fan of Dave Kerpen since his very first book Likeable Social Media: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook came out. I actually met Dave through social media, so reviewing his first book seemed like a perfect fit. Some of you may remember I also interviewed Dave about his book, becoming an author, his company Likeable Media and how him and his wife Carrie orchestrated an amazing wedding through the use of social media. Since then Dave has written two more books. The most recent is Likeable Leadership: A Collection of 65+ Inspirational Stories on Marketing, Your Career, Social Media & More. Dave is really, really good at showing you how to “humanize” your brand. The reason this is so important is, if your branding message is so far over your potential client/customers heads you’ll never connect with them. They won’t understand what your about and they won’t be interested in you or what your selling.

    There are two interview questions that stood out a few years ago and still stand out today that I want to share with you.

    Carol Lawrence: As a social media manager/coordinator, I primarily work with authors. Do you have any advice for authors on how to promote their books and themselves through the use of social media?

    Dave Kerpen: My advice is to get involved with social media and building your community way before you publish a book.

    Carol Lawrence: Where do you see social media heading in the future? Read the rest of this entry »

  • Setting Up Google Alerts & Tracking Your Online Reputation.

    Posted on December 14th, 2013 Carol Lawrence No comments
    Image representing Google Alerts as depicted i...

    Image by None via CrunchBase


    There are many reasons to set up a Google Alert. To monitor what people may be saying about you online, to see how often your name or business shows up in the search engines, to track a competitor, look for new leads, follow a certain news story or even a specific topic.

    Google makes it easy to monitor what other people are saying about you online.

    To set up an alert go to  www.Google.com/alerts

    In the search query box add your name or business name. You can set up more than one alert. I recommend tracking what’s being said about you and your business.

    Choose what kind of result you want. I usually pick “everything.” Read the rest of this entry »