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  • Visme, Another Resource For Creating Your Next Presentation or Infographic.

    Posted on November 9th, 2015 Carol Lawrence No comments

    Hi everyone, not to long ago I shared with you my favorit resource for making your own graphics. It’s getting easier and easier to design awesome graphics without owning Photo Shop. I was recently introduced to another resource called Visme.

    Visme is a simple, drag-and-drop, presentation and data visualization software that’s completely online and free to use. Visme has over  200,000 active users utilizing it to communicate better in form of interactive Presentations, Infographics and forms of digital content. Add Visme to your graphic creation resource list.

    No time to create content for your social media profiles? Overwhelmed with posting, engaging and keeping up with your online social media pages?

    Hire Help!



  • Twitter Changes Favorites To Hearts

    Posted on November 4th, 2015 Carol Lawrence No comments

    For instagram

    Hi everyone, sorry for a delay in posting. I’ve been super busy. Pheww October is over but here comes November. I filmed a short hello video with the backdrop of the mountains. Did you see it on my Facebook page?

    There are three Twitter changes you may have missed.

    #1. Favorites are now hearts. You can now heart a tweet you like. Everybody loves hearts… right??!!

    #2. With the hootlet from Hootsuite you can now schedule retweets right from your Twitter feed. It’s ok to schedule content but remember to hop on all your social media sites and engage live when you can for optimal engagement.

    #3. When you are setting up a tweet you have the option of making it a poll, asking a question and providing two multiple choice answers.

    Sign into Twitter to learn more and see these features in action.

    For more Social Media Tips be sure to follow my page on Facebook, Twitter and subscribe to my newsletter for updates and my free guide: How To Create A Social Media Strategy.


  • Tips To Amplify Your Business On Social Media

    Posted on October 13th, 2015 Carol Lawrence No comments

    Do you know how to amplify your business on social media-

    Tips To Amplify Your Business/Brand On Social Media

    1. Post consistently

    2. Use high quality photos

    3. Try and tell a story – great for throwbacks

    4. Add humor when you can

    5. Pass on useful information. How-to’s work well

    6. Use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram and occasionally on Facebook

    7. Engage, engage, engage

    8. Intermix videos into your content strategy

    9. Say thank you! When someone responds to a post by comment, liking or sharing your content, let them know you appreciate it.

    10. Listen….monitor your brand. Listen to what are people saying about you, your company and products.

    11. Don’t sell constantly. What would you do if every time you saw your neighbor they tried to sell you something? You’d RUN AWAY!

    12. Be authentic, loyal and trustworthy. #consciousbusiness

    Thanks for visiting my website. I have two free gifts for you. In my short guide: Carol Lawrence’s Content Map Ideas you will learn why Facebook is so important for your business, a look at the benefits of ads, multiple content ideas and the app you need to use to monitor your page. My second gift is my guide: How To Create A Social Media Strategy. People pay me money all the time for the information you are about to read. This is my thank you to you for being a part of my online community. I want to see you succeed!!

    Carol Lawrence is the owner of Social Media Help 4 U, a virtual based business that supports authors and businesses based on integrity. Social Media Help 4 U offers conscious business services, providing intuitive and skill based social media management & consulting. Looking for social media assistance to grow your online presence and provide top notch customer service? Have a marketing budget? Look no further. Multiple packages available. Perfect for for the company who knows the value of a marketing budget and needs help putting their company on the social map! Contact her today!



  • How To Use Facebook Notes – Quick Tutorial

    Posted on October 8th, 2015 Carol Lawrence No comments

    How To Use Facebook Notes

    Did you hear the news about Facebook Notes?

    You can use the newest feature to share all kinds of things such as your latest blog post, article, share information about your latest trip from a recent family vacation or even post a recipe. You can even add links. They are not embedded but they are clickable.

    The new changes have only rolled out so far on personal profiles but will be rolling out on business pages shortly. Now is a great time to start adding your blog posts to your Facebook notes tab. In my short video tutorial I show you exactly how to do this.

    What’s New In Notes?

    The cover photo for each ideal size is 1200 x 445. Cosmetically this looks really nice.

    Photos can have a “caption”.

    You can have photos in the note that vary in sizes.

    You can add links to your text.

    You can tag people, pages or groups right inside the note itself.

    A few other benefits to adding a note to your pages.

    Notes have their own area on your page so are more accessible and easier to find than posts.

    You can create drafts and publish them when you are ready.

    Notes appear in Google searches.


    This is another great way to re purpose your content! Anyone who has spent time with me in a consulting session knows I’m a huge fan of re purposing content!

    facebook notes tutorial

    facebook notes tutorial

    Be sure to add keywords so your notes are easily found in the search engines. Posting on your Facebook page consistently is great for SEO so using notes should end up being another useful way to get your content seen/found online. No time to add your notes (blog posts) to your Facebook business page? No worries, I offer blog scheduling. Contact me for more details.

    Carol Lawrence is the owner of Social Media Help 4 U, a virtual based business that supports authors and businesses based on integrity. Social Media Help 4 U offers conscious business services, providing intuitive and skill based social media management & consulting. Looking for social media assistance to grow your online presence and provide top notch customer service? Have a marketing budget? Look no further. Multiple packages available. Perfect for for the company who knows the value of a marketing budget and needs help putting their company on the social map! Contact her today!



  • Creating A Holiday Social Media Strategy

    Posted on October 2nd, 2015 Carol Lawrence No comments


    You’re probably wondering why the heck I have a photo with Christmas presents on my blog in October. Well here’s why.

    When you are a small business owner and you rely on your sales and networking for a living you can’t wait to the last minute to create a holiday strategy.


    Begin by having a full assessment done on all your social media platforms. This will tell you if you need to have work done on your social media pages before you begin driving traffic and using them to share your holiday strategy.

    Once your assessment is complete you need to create a strategy. What platforms are you on currently?

    The social landscape of Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are all different. You have different kinds of viewers on each platform. Just because someone follows you on Facebook doesn’t mean they’ll follow you anywhere else or vice versa. After you have your assessment done you should know exactly where your audience is. You’ll be able to determine which platforms you need to put the most time and energy into. Read the rest of this entry »

  • My First Blab

    Posted on September 15th, 2015 Carol Lawrence No comments

    My First Bla


    Hi everyone, I had the pleasure of joining a co-hosted blab today with Mark Woolery and Brad Ouldhouse. Brad is a pro at using Blab so he walked Mark and I through our first recorded blab session.

    What the heck is Blab? It is a live streaming platform sort of like Periscope and Meerkat except for right now you can only access it on your computer, through an ios app or watch it in Chrome on your Android. It allows four people at a time to chat. It’s a video chat.

    I wasn’t sure if I’d like it. I’ve always sort of avoided video but since I advise my clients on video all the time I had to put my own tips to work this year and embrace video. I absolutely loved Blab. It was fun and engaging. I’ve got to tell you learning how to use Blab with your business will be a game changer for expanding your audience.

    We had a few random business owners pop in and say hello, talk about their experience with Blab and share their businesses. You can meet them as well by watching the video replay.

    If you are wondering how to expand your audience, share your authenticity then this is it!

    There’s a rumor going around that Blab will soon be available to watch on your smart T.V.  Just imagine how many people you’ll be able to reach!

    Don’t worry I’ll let you know as soon as I hear the latest updates. Follow me on Facebook to stay connected!

    I hope you enjoy our Blab. Don’t make fun of me, i’m learning all about it just like you! Follow me on Blab and let’s start talking.

    P.S. In the video we talk about how you can repurpose your Blab recording.

    Are you tired of doing it all yourself? Ready to expand your business with social media? Let’s chat!



  • Free Guide: Creating A Social Media Strategy

    Posted on August 26th, 2015 Carol Lawrence No comments

    Creating A Social Media Strategy

    Competition is stiff these days. If you want to stay “top of mind” you have to be very active and visible online. You can’t sway back and forth from being active to passive. If you are not in front of your target audience, your competition will be. The cool thing about social media is it’s an equal opportunity playground. No matter if you are a giant in the business or the little guy starting out. You have the ability to get in front of your desired audience. 

    You probably already understand the importance of getting your business active on social media but you may not quite understand exactly how to utilize social media or how to create your own social media marketing strategy.

    My simple how-to-guide will provide you with the information and tools you need to get you started.

    My free guide will walk you through all of these steps.

    * Auditing Your Online Presence

    * Learn How To Monitor Your Competition

    * Monitoring Your Business Online Reputation

    * Creating A Content Plan

    * Goal Setting

    * Tracking Your Results

    * How To Set Up Your Facebook Business Page

    If you get stuck you can always contact me for more details.

    Wishing you success with your social media. ~ Carol Lawrence

    Read the rest of this entry »

  • How to Determine What Size Your Social Media Budget Should Be

    Posted on August 17th, 2015 Carol Lawrence No comments

    Guest Post By John Constantinides

    How to Determine What Size Your Social Media Budget Should Be

    As the first half of 2015 is already behind us, many markets are already considering what the size of their social budget should be in 2016. Social media planning is important and so we wish to share with you some tips on determining the size of your social media budget for the next year.

    for guest post

    Draw a comparison between spending and benefits

    Comparing your spending with the benefits it brings should be an important first step in determining the size of your budget. While it may be difficult to connect each expenditure with an associated benefit, it is a key exercise that allows you to evaluate costs and outline the benefits that come with them. Don’t forget to pay attention to the tools of your trade. Although you can’t operate without them, you should consider cutting costs for things that don’t improve efficiency and do little to support your business tactics or overall company strategy.

    Consider spending extra money outside the social networks Twitter and Facebook Read the rest of this entry »

  • Mobile Live Casting With MeerKat & Periscope

    Posted on July 13th, 2015 Carol Lawrence No comments

    Mobile Live Casting is what is hot right now. What is mobile live casting? It’s live streaming video through a mobile app.

    Meerkat and Periscope are two very popular mobile casting apps right now. Have you tried it? I’ve tried Meerkat (@SocialMediaH4U )and planning on exploring Periscope this week. One thing that is fun is on Meerkat is that people can leave comments in real time! Being able to answer questions live will help you be able to keep the conversation going. 

    One fail I’ve seen so far is if you are on an Android you can’t be cameod in to join someone else’s live stream on Meerkat. Hopefully this changes very soon. It also is kind of weird talking into the camera and trying to keep a conversation going. You don’t hear anyone respond you only see their live comments if you are on Meerkat. Periscope saves the streams for 24 hours. Meerkat doesn’t but if you use Katch you can record your streams. You have to use the hashtag #Katch so be sure to click the link and follow the instructions. 

    I’ve seen many ways businesses and marketers are using these live streaming apps.

    Here are just a few.

    The Weather Channel  – @weatherchannel broadcasts storm warnings and answers viewers questions.

    Grant Cardone – @grantcadone broadcasts answers to billionaire business questions.

    Antonio Harris – @horatioush Shares Social Media Tips.

    There’s a wide variety of options on how you can put this to use to grow your business.

    Here are a few of my suggestions:

    * Live stream from your next conference or event. Read the rest of this entry »

  • What’s Working On Social Media Right Now.

    Posted on June 30th, 2015 Carol Lawrence No comments
    3 The biggest key I can give you is this-

    Live Life With Your Followers (Click Photo To Enlarge)

    There are a lot of things going right in 2015 as far as social media is concerned. I know that figuring out what works and what doesn’t can be a challenge. I’ve been listening to other social media managers, thought leaders and social media marketing masters to see what’s working for everyone. Instead of focusing on what’s not, such as organic reach plummeting i’m only going to share what is working. I’ve compiled a slideshow of quotes and references for you to watch. Pause on each one to read then continue. Let me know your thoughts. Unfortunately I forgot to add my favorite tips from Sandi Krakowski so here it is as a bright bold photo for you to see and absorb. Sandi’s one of the best marketers out there! Enjoy the show and be sure to tell me what’s working for you?
    Thanks for watching! ~ Carol Lawrence Read the rest of this entry »